Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I'm going in March 9th for pulmonary function testing. For more information, click on the above link. Basically, I've been having an incredibly difficult time breathing, and this started in mid-December, but has affected me from time to time for the past few years. The past two months it has affected me every day. One theory is stress, but another theory that Landon brought up tonight is that it could be attributed to the poor air quality (extreme condensation on windows, lack of circulation) and mold growing on our walls. I called our property management company, and left a message, so hopefully we can get someone in here ASAP to test for black mold. My heart is beating hard tonight, because I was trying so hard to get my breath. I need to get to the bottom of this like ASAP, because it is affecting me every day. Lately, I've had to leave class and walk around until I catch my breath. I don't have any wheezing symptoms, just lung restriction problems. Basically, I can't catch my breath, and feel like I constantly can't get enough air!



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