Monday, January 05, 2004
Today was my first day back to school. I had Bible as Literature and American Fiction today, and both classes seem like they will be pretty good. I already started reading Maggie: Girl of the Streets due by Wednesday; luckily, it is only 82 pages long, but still quite a bit of reading to have done by Wednesday. The professor in American Fiction is young; he looks like he is a new Ph.D.

The "winter blast" coverage on channel 12 is getting a little over-dramatic. They refer to this approaching storm as though it is an army that will attack our city. It is out of control, if you ask me!

I was a little sad tonight when I realized I would only be 26 for a few more hours. Tomorrow is my twenty-seventh birthday, and I really can't believe I went from 18 to 27 in what seems like a whirlwind. Oh, well--I guess everyone is in the same boat and feels the same way about how fast the years fly by.



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