Saturday, January 24, 2004
"Time is the best teacher, unfortunately it kills all its students." (seen on a bumper sticker)

Today, Landon and I went looking for a coat rack, and were returned home unsuccessful. What is up with there being a lack of bed frames and coat racks??

We did get a couple gifts that I needed to get, as well as a new salt/pepper shaker set (our old salt shaker broke, so we chose to buy a whole new set).

We went to Washington Square to do this shopping, and didn't get home until 2pm. From 3-10pm I did nothing besides read, do laundry, read, do dishes, read, do laundry, read, do laundry, read, make corn-dog for dinner, read, do laundry, read, then type on blog. Earlier today Landon and I drove around again in the Garden Home area looking at houses. The lots are pretty big up there, and the houses seem reasonable. There is a house we found in SE that is 160K that is fairly nice, although on a busy street. I'm sure we'll buy a house by summertime.

Well, the end of another day.



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