Saturday, January 17, 2004
Landon and I slept in a little longer than usual since we were out so late the night before. Landon had the idea that we should get dressed and walk downtown, so we did. We bundled up, walked downtown, and went to Starbucks. Then, we walked around Pioneer Place before going to see "Big Fish." After the movie (it was okay--not that great) we went to Border's Books. It was almost 5pm, so we started walking around looking for a place to eat. We finally came across NY Burritos, and decided to try them out. The burritos were delicious! We also had chips and salsa with our burritos, and the salsa was very good.

When we got home, I called Bob Gluckman, because we had made prior arrangments to hang out with him. In fact, before we even left to go downtown, I called him and left him a message to say that we were still planning on going out with him that evening. It was funny, because an hour later after walking downtown, we ran into him at Pioneer Place in front of The Gap. I told him then that we would call him when we got home. When I called him, we decided to go to The Bitter End, because it was closeby. Luckily, there was a folk band playing, so the music was right up our alley! We hung out there until about 11:30pm, then took Bob home.
All in all, today was a very nice day.



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