Friday, January 09, 2004
I worked all day today from 9:30-6pm. I picked up Cindy on the way to work, and dropped her off on my way to Landon's parents tonight for dinner after work. The roads are still bad in parts, but my car seems to be doing okay--I'm just really careful! We had a very difficult time getting Landon's car out this morning. Two other guys had to help him push, and I was behind the wheel. Once we got him off of the hill, it was fine, because many of the main roads are clear, but it is the side streets that still have deep snow and ice, although it continues to melt with temperatures above freezing.

We had pizza and watched a movie at Mike & Susan's. It was a good way to end an otherwise stressful day of driving in snow, pushing cars out of snow, and working a full day.



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