Sunday, January 04, 2004
I went out to E-San Thai downtown for my birthday tonight with Mike, Susan, Landon, and Janssen. It was pretty fun, and the food was pretty good--at least it was as good as Thai Thai, which is where we usually go. It was fun to try a new Thai restaurant, and I actually liked the atmosphere better there than at Thai Thai.

Other than that, we're still on "storm watch," and so far we've been watching two days too long, because the predicted snow hasn't shown up yet. We'll see what happens tomorrow!

I bought Kristi her 24th birthday present today. We're going to celebrate our birthdays next Saturday, January 10th. I'm going to pick out the restaurant this year, because she picked out Red Lobster last year. I think I might choose Olive Garden, even though that isn't a restaurant I would choose if I wasn't trying to make sure that 10+ people would all like it!

Tomorrow I start school; I think I'm ready to go back, even though I'd rather be on break a little longer!



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