Thursday, January 08, 2004
I might has well cut and paste the post from yesterday, because it looks like this day is going to be a repeat of yesterday. PSU has decided to close the campus for a third day in a row. I e-mailed a few of my professors to see if there is reading I should get started on. For my Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday classes, the entire first week is now going to be cut from the syllabi. They are now saying that this snow isn't going to be going anywhere until Saturday. I am seeing some dripping from the roof, though, so hopefully the roads will clear off somewhat. If they cancel morning classes tomorrow, I won't be going to class tomorrow, either, because both of my classes are in the morning hours. I don't mind this extra time at home; I'm trying to get some things done around the apartment, as well as do some reading for the two classes I went to on Monday that I have syllabi for. Landon bused to work again today, and it only took him an hour and a half (yesterday it took 3 hours), so he plans to work until 4:30pm, then head home on the bus. We're going to have to go get some quarters in case he has to bus again tomorrow, because he's pretty much wiped out my dime/nickel/quarter reserve in the past few days of riding the bus. Tonight, we might bus downtown again for dinner. Grocery stores are actually running out of food, because trucks are unable to make it into the city, and the airport is still shut down. Anyway, we are out of pretty much everything. All we have is stuff to make sandwiches, and we also have salad we can eat. This ice storm must really like our city, because it sure has overstayed its welcome! Well, I still welcome it, because I like all these cancelled school days (less stress for me!), but many people here in the Metropolitan area are ready to have it gone, so they can return to life as normal. In a lot of ways, the snow is like being on vacation, where nothing in life is quite like it is at home. The funny thing is that we are at home, but in a lot of ways feel like we are not at home, because life is disrupted and is not functioning like normal. I like this aspect about the "winter blast," but many do not!



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