Thursday, January 22, 2004
I had a very sleepless night last night. This morning, Landon made me a hash-brown. I read from 7:30am until 11am, then got ready and bused to school. I was in classes from 12-4pm. Landon is going to stop by Trader Joe's on his way home from work to get something for us for dinner. I have to read all night tonight--just like last night, I cancelled evening plans because of huge homework loads I'm getting at this point in the quarter.

I'm tired of reading, cell phones going off during lectures in classes, and smelling cigarettes as I'm walking between classes, but happy to have Landon be so helpful to pick up groceries on his way home from a long day in the office. This is going to be a long weekend full of reading and writing.

I was also very unhappy to see someone cheat on an exam today, only to have them try to come off like they thought it was "open-book." The professor told the class to never assume that a test is open-book (duh!), then she let the girl get away with it. It just makes me mad, because this girl obviously didn't do the reading, but will get the same letter grade on the test as all of us in the class who read the material. Whatever!


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