Thursday, December 11, 2003
Well, my exams went pretty well! Something really weird happened to me when I got out of my last final (I tested for four hours straight, and one final was 8 pages-that's right 8 pages long!). I got on the bus, and that's the last thing I remember-I went way past where I get off to walk home. So, I ended up getting off at Fred Meyer and getting a role of quarters. I was so exhausted from finals that my brain just shut off, and I zoned out for a few minutes. When I got home, I had a really bad headache. I had to get ready, though, for Landon's work party at Greek Cuisina, so I couldn't relax just yet since I was done with FALL TERM! I had to get ready, take some tylenol (which didn't help) for the headache, and put on a good face for the Qualcomm co-workers. Of course, we get to Greek Cuisina, and after dinner I realized my headache had not gotten any better-and, OF COURSE, my name is called to go up front and do some Greek dancing with some of the other Qualcomm employees. Needless to say, by the time I got home at 11:30pm, my head was pounding so hard, and my eyes were burning I was so tired. My stress had yet to lift from the weight of finals and the term. I could only hope that when I woke up, I would feel differently.


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