Tuesday, December 30, 2003
The plane ride last night was very nice and smooth. The skies were very clear as we descended into Portland, and the city lights were very pretty. Too bad I missed the snowstorm!

Not much going on today, although I do have to work tonight. Afterwards, I'm planning to meet Colleen at Laurelthirst for one of our old-time Tuesday nighters.

Landon is playing tonight at Grandma's. Originally, I thought I would go to hear him play, but I had forgot that I had made plans to hang out at Laurelthirst with Colleen.

We still have some snow outside our apartment. It is very pretty, but also very cold inside of our apartment!

It is much later in the evening now; the little bit of snow outside of our apartment has greatly increased. We couldn't get to our street in this ice, slush, and snow, so had to park nearby, and walk home. It is so exciting! The snow has suddenly made life so much more adventurous!



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