Saturday, December 27, 2003
Kerrie and I went shopping today for gifts for her nieces and nephews. I bought a picture frame at Macy's that I really liked, but that was about it.

At around 4:30-5pm, we headed to Danny's mom's house, where they were celebrating Christmas. We ate Christmas dinner, and it was overall pleasant (luckily Danny's mom Pat was able to find some Chardonnay for me, because I really needed a buzz with all of these people/relatives of Kerrie & Danny's that I didn't know.

The problem I've been having as of two days before coming down here is that I can't catch my breath. Some episodes are especially bad, and I have trouble with panicking because of it. I am pretty sure it is attributed to stress, but I wish I didn't get this heavy chest/can't catch my breath thing, because it really is unpleasant and quite scary.

I can't wait to be back in Portland with Landon and the cats; home is where my heart is.



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