Monday, December 01, 2003
I registered today for Bible as Literature class, because my Erdrich/Morrison class was cancelled. :(

After quite a struggle to get ready and get to school (I was incredibly tired!) I arrived on time-only to find out that class had been cancelled! I went to the lounge to catch up on some reading, but realized I had fallen asleep reading when my elbow, which was supporting my head, gave way and woke me up with a jolt!

After Linguistics, I came home, and have been working on my paper ever since. I heard from Mike that Janssen is arriving back from Japan tonight. Maybe Landon and I will join them for Mexican food later. Landon isn't feeling well (still), but says he'll go.

After dinner tonight, I might go over to Cindy's for awhile to get my keys from when we were in California (she came to check on the cats, fish, and plants), and drink a glass of wine with her.

It's December 1st!!!



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