Thursday, December 18, 2003
I really like cold, sunny, still days. The sky is blue, and I can clearly see Mt. Hood and the city of Portland. I am having a very nice and relaxing Christmas break. I am very satisfied and happy about my grades, although, it is a shame the linguistics final brought my grade from a solid A down to a B+. The professor graded this, instead of the TA, so after reviewing my final exam (she mailed it to me), I have come to the conclusion that she is a much tougher grader than was the TA, who graded most of the homework, as well as the mid-terms (on which I received 62 out of 66 points).

I still don't know what I'm going to do with my life. If I can't figure it out in the next six months, I'll probably abandon the hope of figuring it out altogether, and just "choose" something, even if it is working as a teacher in the Portland Public School District. My brother-in-law claims public education is one of the "three worst government programs." Luckily, I don't pay heed to his comments, although I can't say that his comments don't spark offense inside of me from time to time. Sometimes, I think he wants to offend me, but that would be a pretty mean thing to do, wouldn't it? I would hope that that is not the case, and he just says things without thinking, which is typical of a lot of people who don't think about how their remarks about one thing or another will affect the person who is listening to those remarks. I guess you can't worry about what people will think about everything you say, but there does come a point where it should be common sense that certain comments will hurt the feelings of someone you know subscribes to the very thing you are putting down in conversation (or elevating the very thing you highly oppose).

So, back to my Literary Criticism paper I have commented on in previous entries. The Function of Credibility: the Comparative Evaluation of Literature is one of the best papers I have ever written. I am extremely proud of my accomplishments in this senior and graduate-level class, not to mention the pride I take in this paper. In my first paper, The Evolution of the Placement of Authority in Literature , I used the ellipsis mark incorrectly; also, being my first time writing a paper by evaluating literary critics through the scope of a topic like authority, the process was slow-going (it took me about 30 hours), and was grueling work. My words did not flow quite as freely, and my thesis was a little too narrow, which gave way to weak conclusions in the summary of the essay. By the time I wrote the final paper on credibility, the time it took me to write the paper was still about thirty hours, but my thesis was very insightful and useful (not to mention well-thought-out), becoming an expansion of the first paper (although I examined the essays of eighteenth and nineteenth century critics, rather than critics who wrote before the time of Christ), using a thesis that was the culmination of my thoughts and opinions from the entire term. Viewing credibility in terms of comparative evaluation is a thesis I wrote myself, and becomes very useful in understanding and analyzing the use and function of credibility.

My cats sleep SO much! It is amazing how much sleep cats (and dogs) need, but how little sleep human beings need, who work much harder than a cat (or a dog). Alright, I've made my point, and do not wish to compare the sleep required of cats as opposed to the sleep required of humans.

To anyone who reads this: I am interested in reading or becoming a part of an online group that discusses the care of household plants. I need a group who focuses more on household plants than on gardening, because I have some specific questions that I need answered about some of my plants. If you could e-mail me the link, it would be greatly appreciated.

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