Sunday, November 09, 2003
Today I woke up at like 6am and decided I was going to make French Toast for breakfast. I went back to sleep, and woke up at around 8am, and then got up and made French Toast. It is very rare that I wake up feeling something at 6am, and then still feel like it when I wake up in REALITY at 8am. Anyway, I did make French Toast, and it was very good. I always put a dash of almond flavoring in the egg batter, and it tastes very good.

Landon and I got dressed, then went to Starbucks, where I studied the IPA for 2 hours, while Landon read The Plague Dogs by one of my favorite authors Richard Adams, who also wrote Watership Down

After Starbucks, we went to Trader Joe's to pick up some items that Safeway didn't have on our huge shopping trip from Friday night. Having said that, the total at Trader Joe's came to 44.97, even though we were only stopping by for a few things. Groceries really add up, I'll tell ya!

We then headed to Crystal Springs, where we found (once again) that our 3 ducks are no where to be found. We hope they are further downstream in Oaks Bottom, because we can't come to terms with the horrible idea that a dog or raccoon may have eaten them up for dinner. :( Oh, Junior!

We came home, and I studied beaucoup. I made tacos for dinner, then studied some more.

Landon just left to go get "The Italian Job." I can't study anymore. I am losing my sense of well-being, and I need to take a time out. I'm going to get up early tomorrow and study some more before the test, but mentally I'm not doing myself any good at this point. I've already pushed myself last week to the point that I am now officially burned out, so I need to treat myself with care this evening and take a time out, so I don't overdo it and snap in one way or another.

So, Landon is getting a movie, and I'm supposed to be staying home to do the dishes, but in fact I am staying home and writing on my blog. I will go do the dishes now, though, just to stay true to my word.



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