Thursday, November 20, 2003
My head feels like it can't tolerate any more information! I've been working non-stop the past couple of days. I had to read a novel last minute for a test yesterday, so stayed up really late reading it, then got up really early today to finish it. I had Linguistics homework that was very hard, and I didn't understand it, so it took hours and hours to finish it. At one point I had to hold the tears in, because I felt like breaking down and crying. Oh, the stress!

Next term, I'm taking 20 credits. Everyone says I'm crazy. I wonder if I can actually do this. I want to get 5 A's next term, and 20 credits is an insane amount of work. If I can just get through next term; is it even possible, though?

Felix is getting a lot better. He's still on the laxatives and antibiotics, and meows to me that he's feeling better.

Landon is holding Felix right now like he's a newborn. He's a funny cat.



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