Thursday, November 13, 2003
Landon had his car fixed yesterday, but the engine light came on, which I guess is common if some residue from the cleaning of the parts during the tune up gets on the engine. I guess it triggers the sensors. They also didn't do an oil change, and Landon needed one, so I took the car back to NW Car Care, and studied for 2 hours at Starbucks while they were working on the car.

I called Colleen when I got home, and chatted with her for about an hour, then I made dinner, and then I studied.

That's about all that happened today! I was bummed because with everything going on with school, my mind is a little distracted, and I totally forgot to buy Natalie McMaster tickets for her concert tonight. I feel a little better in that Mike said that she's changed her style a little, and she isn't as good as she was in the old days. I guess she's more rock, and less traditional. A shame, I tell ya! I real shame!

I'm going to bed an hour early tonight!


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