Saturday, November 15, 2003
Landon and I went to Starbucks this morning, because we were out of coffee. Plus, we love their gingerbread and egg nog lattes. I've been into gingerbread latte's (GBL's) and Landon has been into egg nog latte's (ENL's) this year. Afterwards, we came home and I read while Landon played his game.

We met Mike & Susan at Thai Thai at 5pm for dinner, then headed down to Baghdad to watch Pirates of the Caribbean. I'd already seen it, but Landon, Mike, and Susan had not. We had a pitcher of beer and shortbread cookies. It was fun. Cindy met us down there, too.

Afterwards, Cindy, Landon, and I met Sharla, Jen, Cheryl, and Beth down at Alberta Street Public House. We only stayed for an hour.

Then, Cindy, Landon, and I rented "The Last Days of Disco" and watched that until about 12:30am. I was VERY tired by the time Cindy left. In fact, I kept falling asleep during the movie.



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