Saturday, November 22, 2003
Landon and I went and looked at a house on 36th Place & Holgate. It is the house I had looked at earlier in the week. Mike had also gone by and looked at it. It needs a TON of work-actually, there is little to the house that would NOT need work.

We went to Trader Joe's and got some lunchmeat, soy milk, frozen entrees, and bread.

We went home and put the groceries away.

Landon practiced for a little while, then we went to Fred Meyer's so I could get some soil to repot my China Doll Tree. Initially, I wanted to repot the China Doll Tree, because I wanted to get rid of the fruit flies and plant it straight, because it had been planted crooked before. When I pulled the tree from the pot, I found it was completely root-bound. This would explain why it was dying. I called Susan to let her know, and hope she repots hers and cuts off some of the roots, because both of our trees have been doing poorly lately, and I think it is because the trees were root-bound. Hopefully, my tree will start feeling better soon!

Later, I met Sharla and her brother Paul at Nocturnal. We thought the band, Norfolk and Western, was going to play at 8pm. Unfortunately, the opening band didn't even go on until 10:30, so when they went off at 11:10 and said it would be another 20 minutes, I decided to leave. It kind of sucks, because the cover was 6.00, but oh well. I didn't really think Nocturnal was that great, anyway, so probably won't visit there again.

When I got home, I discovered Landon was feeling very poorly. I got him some medicine, and we moved our bed so it isn't underneath the window anymore. The cold draft blows on our faces (especially Landon's) during the night, and as Martha would say, it's not a good thing.



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