Monday, November 03, 2003
I heard someone say today on my way into the building I work "Another day..." I must say that this small phrase really bothers me. When people get comfortable with the "Another day" mentality, they are not looking at life in a very positive light. Even if I did feel like it was just "another day," I wouldn't say those words, because those words really go against the way in which life should be lived.

I did very well today on my linguistics mid-term, and feel very confident and happy about my mid-term on authority in Literary Criticism. I'm very excited that my hard work is paying off. On the other hand, I have quite a bit of anxiety regarding my mid-term on Thursday in Art History. Regardless, when it's all over, I'm going to Biddy's on Friday night to hear Funk Shui and party to celebrate the ending of MID-TERMS!! YEAH!!!



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