Tuesday, November 25, 2003
I got my Art History paper back, which the teacher has made the class re-write 3 times. She is a real bear of a teacher. Anyway, I received a 97.5%, so it will be filed away later this afternoon, where I will never look at it again-well, maybe never-we'll see, though.

I just ate an egg sandwich (one of my favorites), and am relishing the idea of all the delicious gingerbread latte's I get to drink Thursday-Sunday. Whenever Landon and I go to California (or any trip for that matter), we spend the most money on coffee (besides lodging, that is). It is always a delicacy we get to enjoy when we travel. Somehow, even when we aren't traveling, I manage to convince Landon to go to Starbucks regardless of how much coffee we have at home, but when we travel, it is a given that we have to go out for coffee.

Anyway, that's all I need to make me feel happy today-thinking about all the Starbucks I get to drink this week. You'd think my score on my Art History exam would make me happy, but no-just the thought of gingerbread latte's on the road with Landon.



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