Sunday, November 30, 2003
I got to ride first class today for the first time on the way home! Mike got us bumped up by requesting a flight that left sooner than ours did, and when they could not accomadate OUR REQUEST, then they bumped us up to first class! What a treat that was! I was kind of grumpy before that, because I had to get up at 5am, and I was really tired, but after getting to ride in first class, I was in a pretty happy mood for the rest of the day.

We arrived back in Portland safe and sound to find our kitties happy to see us.

Zac called around 3pm and said they were going to a movie with Mike & Tracy, so I agreed to join them. The movie started at 7:30, so I didn't get home from Sherwood until almost 11pm. Landon was sleeping soundly, and I went straight to bed. I hope Landon is feeling better soon, because he's been sick with a cough for awhile now. We did stop and get him some medicine before we came home from the airport-maybe that will help?
Saturday, November 29, 2003
We were supposed to do something as a group today. Susan and I wanted to go to Sonoma County, but instead we all went to a dog-filled park near the Bay and walked around for about an hour. This was after we ate a delicious waffle breakfast with the best bacon I've ever tasted! After we returned from our walk, we had really good bread with soup made from stock Larry had put together from the left over turkey carcass. It was a really good lunch.

Susan, Mary Lou, Rachel, and I went to downtown Berkeley and walked around inside some really neat shops. Before we knew it, it was time to meet the group at a Chinese restaurant. The food there was SO GOOD!

Tomorrow, it is time to return home-already.

Friday, November 28, 2003
Today, Mike, Susan, Landon, and I rode the BART to San Francisco, and toured all over parts of the city that Landon and I would have never known or thought to check out. Mike showed us where he used to live with Susan when they were in their early twenties. I am glad we were able to escape the tourist areas for the most part, because there were a ton of shoppers, since it was the day after Thanksgiving: sales everywhere! Another neat walk was going up Coit Hill. Mike or Landon (I can't remember which) found a succulant that grows wild down there, and I put it in my bag, hoping to make a household plant out of it when I return.

In the evening, we had leftover Thanksgiving dinner at Mary Lou & Ken's house, and played games and socialized afterwards.

Thursday, November 27, 2003
I was SO tired today, because we had to be at Mike & Susan's at 4am. At 1:30am, I woke up, and could not go back to sleep (no matter how I tried). Because I only got 2 hours of sleep, I was a zombie at Mary Lou & Ken's house for Thanksgiving. I really don't remember too much of what I did on Thanksgiving, being so sleep deprived. By 11:30am, we were at Mary Lou's. At 2:30 or so, we went for a walk around a lake in Oakland before dinner. Dinner was pretty good. Landon and I had to sit at the kids table, which was a little weird. I think they should have let everyone sit wherever they wanted to. I think it was silly to split up the kids from the adults. When I do Thanksgiving dinner, the kids are going to be mixed in with the adults. I don't like it when the kids are seperated from the adults. Oh, well. I very much disliked sitting at the kids table as a kid, and I don't like it any better as an adult. That said, Mary Lou and Rachel made a fantastic dinner, and everything delicious.
It's Thanksgiving Day! It's 3am in the morning, and I only got an hour and a half of sleep last night. I tossed and turned, and Landon still has a cough, so I didn't sleep well at all! I hope I'm not too tired today! We have to be at Mike & Susan's in a few minutes, so I have to go!

Orinda, Oakland, San Francisco, here we come once again!
Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Today was really busy for me! After school, I went to a hair appointment. I tried out a new place called Tres Bon in Beaverton. They did an excellent job on my hair, and I'm very happy with it! I had to fight traffic after the appointment, but finally made my way over to Washington Square Mall, where I went to Meier and Frank to buy a scarf, mittens, and a hat. Finally, I got home, and Landon and I had to do a bunch of laundry for our trip tomorrow! Landon played at Grandma's, and I went with him. Bob Gluckman came by for a little while. Landon and I didnt' get to bed until 11pm! We have to get up at 3am to be over at Mike & Susan's by 4am! It's going to be a long Thanksgiving Day tomorrow.
Tuesday, November 25, 2003
I got my Art History paper back, which the teacher has made the class re-write 3 times. She is a real bear of a teacher. Anyway, I received a 97.5%, so it will be filed away later this afternoon, where I will never look at it again-well, maybe never-we'll see, though.

I just ate an egg sandwich (one of my favorites), and am relishing the idea of all the delicious gingerbread latte's I get to drink Thursday-Sunday. Whenever Landon and I go to California (or any trip for that matter), we spend the most money on coffee (besides lodging, that is). It is always a delicacy we get to enjoy when we travel. Somehow, even when we aren't traveling, I manage to convince Landon to go to Starbucks regardless of how much coffee we have at home, but when we travel, it is a given that we have to go out for coffee.

Anyway, that's all I need to make me feel happy today-thinking about all the Starbucks I get to drink this week. You'd think my score on my Art History exam would make me happy, but no-just the thought of gingerbread latte's on the road with Landon.

Monday, November 24, 2003
I'm getting excited about going to California on Thursday morning. It's kind of weird being married, because the tradition of always being with my family during the holidays is changing, but that's okay. I like change. It's always hard thinking about when my parents won't be around, and then wondering why I'm not spending every holiday with them, but all I can do is spend as much time with them as I can, and balance the responsibilities of being married, by spending time with Landon's family, also. It's always a pleasure visiting with Landon's family, but I always miss being around my family (regardless) during the holidays. I hope I don't get sad about it on Thanksgiving day. I remember one time Landon and I were flying to California on Thanksgiving Day one year, so had Thanksgiving dinner with his family, and since it wasn't done in the same way as my family, I felt really sad and homesick. I hope I don't get homesick this year, but I do sometimes still feel homesick. When Landon and I moved to our new apartment, I started crying because I felt so homesick. The other night when we moved our room around, I couldn't sleep for awhile, and started to feel really homesick. It's really weird how even moving the furniture around can make me feel homesick and sad.

Sunday, November 23, 2003
Read The Awakening all morning and early afternoon. Kate Chopin is one of my favorite authors. She is SUCH a good writer! I love this novel, and have actually read it before. I'm writing a paper on Solitude in this novel. I wrote half of it last night, and I'll finish it today at some point.

Went to bed at 11pm-but, didn't sleep very well. I just tossed and turned all night; I don't really know why.
Saturday, November 22, 2003
Landon and I went and looked at a house on 36th Place & Holgate. It is the house I had looked at earlier in the week. Mike had also gone by and looked at it. It needs a TON of work-actually, there is little to the house that would NOT need work.

We went to Trader Joe's and got some lunchmeat, soy milk, frozen entrees, and bread.

We went home and put the groceries away.

Landon practiced for a little while, then we went to Fred Meyer's so I could get some soil to repot my China Doll Tree. Initially, I wanted to repot the China Doll Tree, because I wanted to get rid of the fruit flies and plant it straight, because it had been planted crooked before. When I pulled the tree from the pot, I found it was completely root-bound. This would explain why it was dying. I called Susan to let her know, and hope she repots hers and cuts off some of the roots, because both of our trees have been doing poorly lately, and I think it is because the trees were root-bound. Hopefully, my tree will start feeling better soon!

Later, I met Sharla and her brother Paul at Nocturnal. We thought the band, Norfolk and Western, was going to play at 8pm. Unfortunately, the opening band didn't even go on until 10:30, so when they went off at 11:10 and said it would be another 20 minutes, I decided to leave. It kind of sucks, because the cover was 6.00, but oh well. I didn't really think Nocturnal was that great, anyway, so probably won't visit there again.

When I got home, I discovered Landon was feeling very poorly. I got him some medicine, and we moved our bed so it isn't underneath the window anymore. The cold draft blows on our faces (especially Landon's) during the night, and as Martha would say, it's not a good thing.

Friday, November 21, 2003
All my studying this week caught up with me today when I fell asleep reading for three hours! I started reading at around 1:30pm, and the next thing I knew, Landon was walking in the door home from work at 4:30! I couldn't believe it, but I guess I needed the rest!

Landon came home with a migraine headache. After he took some medicine, we decided to go to Thai Thai for dinner. I think there was another cook working tonight, because the food was only half as good as normal. Oh, well! You win some, you lose some.

We went to Mike & Susan's and watched Princess Konoke. It was a pretty good cartoon. Mike only watched half of it with us, but Susan, Landon, and I stuck it out until the end.

Landon and I went to Safeway and picked up some groceries we needed for breakfast. It was really icey out!

Our apartment was freezing cold, so we scooted my dresser out from against the wall, and turned on the wall heater. We still didn't sleep well, and were still pretty cold. I hope when we buy a house next year that the house isn't as cold as our apartment during the winter, but I have a feeling it will be. Those older homes are just cold unless you invest the money to put in decent insulation and windows. Sigh!

Thursday, November 20, 2003
My head feels like it can't tolerate any more information! I've been working non-stop the past couple of days. I had to read a novel last minute for a test yesterday, so stayed up really late reading it, then got up really early today to finish it. I had Linguistics homework that was very hard, and I didn't understand it, so it took hours and hours to finish it. At one point I had to hold the tears in, because I felt like breaking down and crying. Oh, the stress!

Next term, I'm taking 20 credits. Everyone says I'm crazy. I wonder if I can actually do this. I want to get 5 A's next term, and 20 credits is an insane amount of work. If I can just get through next term; is it even possible, though?

Felix is getting a lot better. He's still on the laxatives and antibiotics, and meows to me that he's feeling better.

Landon is holding Felix right now like he's a newborn. He's a funny cat.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003
It snowed today! I walked to the bus stop refreshed and happy to see the falling snow. Later today, I met with my advisor. Looks like I'm all set to graduate in the spring; that is, if I can make it through next term at 20 credits, I'll graduate in the spring. Even my advisor looked at me like I was crazy when I told her how I plan to graduate by June, 04. Somehow, I'll manage. She was worried that my GPA will suffer because of it, but I assured her that I will kill myself to get A's, and that she need not worry.


P.S. The cats liked the snow, too; they went crazy.
Tuesday, November 18, 2003
Today was long and dreary. It rained all day. I had a dentist appointment today. I dislike dentists, and spending time at their offices. I dread the bi-annual appointments like I dread the plague.

I went to work, then studied until 11pm.

Monday, November 17, 2003
Miriam had her baby! I'm really happy for her and Mark.

I was sad today about some personal things, but the day went on nonetheless.

I had to work tonight.

I'm happy that Landon and I get to spend the evening together going to Hollywood Theatre for a concert. Maire Egan and Brenda Curtin are playing. There's supposed to be a session afterwards at the Moon, but Landon says he's going to be too tired to go.

Landon and I were still out of coffee (oh, drag!), so we had to go to Starbucks, which I wasn't disappointed at all about. I ordered a GBL and Landon ordered an ENL (see previous post for definitions of GBL and ENL). We then went to Zupan's to get some groceries. We only needed a few things.

We wanted to go see "Master and Commander" today, so we decided we were going to see the 4:15 showing in Sherwood, in the event that Tracy and Mike could meet us there.

I did laundry and read The Damnation of Theron Ware for my American Fiction class until we left. Once we got there, we realized they were almost sold out, and we would have to sit on the front row. We decided to go to Tracy & Mike's and catch the 7:20pm showing, even though it would be twice as expensive. Tracy & Mike and Landon & I went to McMenamins to kill some time before the movie, and Kristi, Zac, and the baby (Ashton) went along, also, since they had been in Portland, and stopped by Tracy & Mike's. We ordered some food (not so good), and each ordered a drink.

The movie was pretty good! I especially liked the storyline about the doctor on the ship and his studies of animals and insects. I thought the movie was very interesting, and definitely worth seeing! It proved to me that I need to brush up on my European history!

Saturday, November 15, 2003
Landon and I went to Starbucks this morning, because we were out of coffee. Plus, we love their gingerbread and egg nog lattes. I've been into gingerbread latte's (GBL's) and Landon has been into egg nog latte's (ENL's) this year. Afterwards, we came home and I read while Landon played his game.

We met Mike & Susan at Thai Thai at 5pm for dinner, then headed down to Baghdad to watch Pirates of the Caribbean. I'd already seen it, but Landon, Mike, and Susan had not. We had a pitcher of beer and shortbread cookies. It was fun. Cindy met us down there, too.

Afterwards, Cindy, Landon, and I met Sharla, Jen, Cheryl, and Beth down at Alberta Street Public House. We only stayed for an hour.

Then, Cindy, Landon, and I rented "The Last Days of Disco" and watched that until about 12:30am. I was VERY tired by the time Cindy left. In fact, I kept falling asleep during the movie.


Friday, November 14, 2003
Landon played tonight at County Cork, and he played very well. I went along, and sat with Jody. I ordered Bangers and Mash, and 2 beers. I broke my rule of only ordering one beer from now on, so I'll have to be stricter with myself next time.

Tomorrow, Landon and I might go look at some houses.

Thursday, November 13, 2003
Landon had his car fixed yesterday, but the engine light came on, which I guess is common if some residue from the cleaning of the parts during the tune up gets on the engine. I guess it triggers the sensors. They also didn't do an oil change, and Landon needed one, so I took the car back to NW Car Care, and studied for 2 hours at Starbucks while they were working on the car.

I called Colleen when I got home, and chatted with her for about an hour, then I made dinner, and then I studied.

That's about all that happened today! I was bummed because with everything going on with school, my mind is a little distracted, and I totally forgot to buy Natalie McMaster tickets for her concert tonight. I feel a little better in that Mike said that she's changed her style a little, and she isn't as good as she was in the old days. I guess she's more rock, and less traditional. A shame, I tell ya! I real shame!

I'm going to bed an hour early tonight!
Wednesday, November 12, 2003
Went to classes.
Had my ODIN account activated at PSU.
Sat in PSU library for 3 hours working on an Art History assignment.
Bused to Sellwood and picked up Landon's car.
Went to New Season's and got vegetables to make a stew.
Made the stew.
Ate the stew.
Sharla came over.
Sharla and I talked for awhile.
Watched Sex & the City.
Talked some more.
Showed Sharla the stained glass I made.
Updated my blog.
Wait, I'm in the present.
Gotta stop now.
Tuesday, November 11, 2003
I got an A on my Art History exam. I'm not even that happy about it. It wasn't fun going through what it takes to get an A. This doesn't mean I'm not going to get A's anymore, but it just sucks studying so hard sometimes-then, you get the A, and you're like-it's just a letter. Who cares? No one does but's just depressing.

I met Sharla for 2 hours this afternoon at Coffee People.

After work, I met Joel & Landon at The Laurelthirst Pub for a little while, then left them there to go home and study. Landon got home at around 11:15pm.

Monday, November 10, 2003
I got an A on my linguistics exam. I had an IPA mid-term today (International Phonetics Alphabet). I had to memorize 40 descriptions of consonants and vowels, and be able to transcribe from phonetics to English, and from English to phonetics. It was hard, but I memorized it, and probably did well. I'm just really stressed out, and tired of working so hard. I feel like I'm hanging on to the end of a rope that is almost ready to slip out of my hands. Karli
Sunday, November 09, 2003
Today I woke up at like 6am and decided I was going to make French Toast for breakfast. I went back to sleep, and woke up at around 8am, and then got up and made French Toast. It is very rare that I wake up feeling something at 6am, and then still feel like it when I wake up in REALITY at 8am. Anyway, I did make French Toast, and it was very good. I always put a dash of almond flavoring in the egg batter, and it tastes very good.

Landon and I got dressed, then went to Starbucks, where I studied the IPA for 2 hours, while Landon read The Plague Dogs by one of my favorite authors Richard Adams, who also wrote Watership Down

After Starbucks, we went to Trader Joe's to pick up some items that Safeway didn't have on our huge shopping trip from Friday night. Having said that, the total at Trader Joe's came to 44.97, even though we were only stopping by for a few things. Groceries really add up, I'll tell ya!

We then headed to Crystal Springs, where we found (once again) that our 3 ducks are no where to be found. We hope they are further downstream in Oaks Bottom, because we can't come to terms with the horrible idea that a dog or raccoon may have eaten them up for dinner. :( Oh, Junior!

We came home, and I studied beaucoup. I made tacos for dinner, then studied some more.

Landon just left to go get "The Italian Job." I can't study anymore. I am losing my sense of well-being, and I need to take a time out. I'm going to get up early tomorrow and study some more before the test, but mentally I'm not doing myself any good at this point. I've already pushed myself last week to the point that I am now officially burned out, so I need to treat myself with care this evening and take a time out, so I don't overdo it and snap in one way or another.

So, Landon is getting a movie, and I'm supposed to be staying home to do the dishes, but in fact I am staying home and writing on my blog. I will go do the dishes now, though, just to stay true to my word.

Saturday, November 08, 2003
We didn't do much of anything the first part of today. At 11:30am, we went back to Children's Exchange (the store we bought things for Miriam & Mark's baby) to buy some clothes for Kaenan. He turned 2 this week. Afterwards, we went to the fish store to get some algae discs for the pleco.

At 3pm, I went to Tualatin to study with my sister Tracy. I have to memorize the International Phonetics Alphabet for a quiz tomorrow, so she was helping me with that, because she has already taken the class.

Landon met me at their condo at 5pm, and then we all went to Pizza Schmizza for dinner (I don't recommend this place). We arrived in McMinnville at about 6:30pm. There were a lot of kids there for the party. It became obvious very fast that 2 years old is too young to have a birthday party. It was okay, though, aside from Kaenan's many temper tantrums.

We didn't get home from McMinnville until 12am. We stayed for a long time. I held the baby for a long time. He's doing really well now, and Kristi is recovering from gall bladder surgery, so hopefully they will both be back to normal in no time.

When we got home, we watched the X files until 1am.

Then, we went to bed.

Friday, November 07, 2003
I was so tired today! All the hard work I put into mid-terms finally caught up with me today, if that is possible. I could hardly keep my eyes open. I left linguistics class early, and headed home. Landon said he wanted to go out to lunch, so I drove out to Tigard, and we went to an excellent Thai restaurant nearby his work. Afterwords, I drove home and slept soundly for two hours. I woke up around 4:45, right before Landon got home. We decided to go grocery shopping. Since we were out of everything, we ended up spending 168.10 on groceries. It's been awhile since we've purchased that much in groceries, although when we lived on Johnson Creek, we used to buy that much about twice a month. Those were the days!

I was still really tired after getting back from grocery shopping. However, I did manage to find enough energy within myself to clean the whole bathroom, sweep and mop all of the floors, pick up around the apartment, and do all of the laundry.

We are now watching Amelie, and will probably go to bed by about 11pm tonight.

Amelie is one of my favorite movies. It's the kind of film you can watch 10 thousand times and notice new details each time you watch it. It is very entertaining. I really like movies (and books) you can watch (or read) more than once. I think if something is worth reading or watching more than once, that is proof that it is something great!

Thursday, November 06, 2003
I aced my Art History exam. I had to memorize almost 50 works. I had to know the description, place, time period, culture, and any and all information associated with the work and the culture. It was very difficult, but I did it! I checked my answers when I got home, and I got them all right. I was very proud of my analyzation of the comparisons between Hesire from his tomb in Saqqara, Egypt, and the Votive Statues from the Square Temple at Eshnunna. I actually had to write a compare/contrast essay on these two works. I am so happy, because I memorized all of this stuff, and wrote it all down correctly on the exam, and was able to synthesize what I have learned into intelligent essays. I tested very well.

Landon made me eat breakfast today, and this helped me to test well, also.

Tonight, I'm not doing any homework! I've worked so hard the past 2 weeks, that I need a night off! I'm so excited to be finished (temporarily) with mid-terms. I have another mid-term on Monday, but then nothing for another two-three weeks.

I'm also getting really excited about our trip coming up in 3 weeks to San Francisco. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with Landon.

That's all for now!

Wednesday, November 05, 2003
My professor lectured the class for over 30 minutes on the papers he has read thus far. He was very unhappy with the incorrect use of ellipsis marks, italics/quotation marks, and works cited. I am very anxious and nervous about getting my paper back on Friday. I worked so hard on this paper, and I tell myself that whatever grade I get doesn't reflect my hard work or how much I learned, but I know it will greatly affect me. I used ellipsis marks incorrectly. I looked through all of my old papers from the seven years I've been a student, and not once did one professor comment on my incorrect use of ellipsis marks. This prescriptive rule should have been common knowledge to me, however, I thought I was using these marks correctly. What's done is done-at least I now know for the future. I think a lot of people in the class did this, because he lectured us for 30 minutes (way too long in my opinion), and made it clear he was very unhappy.

So, today I have to study very hard for my Art History exam tomorrow. IT is going to be very difficult, and I am dreading it. I just can't wait until this week is over.

I have a phonetics test on Monday-which requires me to memorize the IPA symbols. I also have a big homework assignment due on Monday, as well as a paper for Art History. This weekend (like last weekend) is down the drain so far as entertainment goes.


P.S. Things have now been put into perspective for me by my professor. Here is a copy of the letter I wrote him, with his response.

Professor Iwillnotusehisnamehere:

I am one of your students in Literary Criticism who used the ellipsis marks incorrectly in my mid-term exam. I don't know what upsets me more-the fact that I have never been corrected for using them incorrectly in over four years of college, or that I didn't realize myself that I had been using them incorrectly all this time (I honestly thought I was using them correctly). I just finished going back through all of my papers from MHCC and PSU, and not once (unfortunately) did any professor or TA comment on my incorrect use of ellipsis marks. However, as I open up my copy of Rules for Writers by Diana Hacker, the rules for the ellipsis marks are clearly there.

Anyway, obviously, I'm not going to be using them incorrectly in the future, as I now know! It just makes me angry that a rule as obvious (or apparently as unobvious) as the rule regarding the old ellipsis mark has somehow slipped by me all this time, so that I have now ended up using it incorrectly in one of my senior English classes.


Here is his response:

If it is any consolation, I got nailed on this in my MA thesis.
Tuesday, November 04, 2003
I am so incredibly angry and upset. 10 - 15 guys show up to remove and replace the gutters on the property today. They started at 8am this morning, and when I got home from school, all of my patio plants and furniture were covered with debris, and there were guys in almost all of the windows pounding and removing gutters.

Apparantly, the rental agency is unaware of these entrances to the premises, because the owner is booking all of this work and not letting the rental agency know. They claim these guys are the same ones (they aren't) that were working this summer, and are freaking out trying to get the work done, because the owner is flying in from out of town this week to check up on their progress.

I called the rental agency 3 times today-once in tears because of the havoc on my patio. I cannot study, because this place sounds like a war zone. I am so angry, and I will procede with this legally. They have violated renter rights laws, and have all summer long. Part of the laws state that there has to be a verbal agreement for an entry onto the premises, or a verbal agreement which states they can do so without our consent. There also has to be a "reasonable hours" entry onto the premises, which they have violated all summer long-showing up at 7am and showing up at 9pm-whenever they damn well feel like it-they also enter the basement, which is the BUILDING without any of the renters' consent.

Here is a copy of some of the laws in place. I'm not sure how I will pursue this, but pursue it I will. I refuse to let people reap havoc on my life and not take responsibility for it. Furthermore, they will probably need to compensate us financially for this.

25. Does my landlord have a right to enter the rented space?
Yes, at reasonable times. But the landlord must give a 24 hour verbal or written notice before entering, unless there is a very good reason for not giving you notice, such as an emergency or where you have agreed to let the landlord in without notice. The landlord may give the notice to you or, if it says so in your written rental agreement, the landlord can mail the notice and securely fasten a copy of the notice to your door. (The date on the postmark of the mailed notice is the date that you are officially "served.")

The landlord must also give you notice before entering the yard of a single-family residence, or any other space rented to one tenant. (The landlord is allowed to come on the property to put a notice on the door.)

A repair person hired by the landlord may also enter, but the landlord must first give you a 24-hour written notice which tells you the names of the workers and the work that is to be done.

The landlord and tenant may agree in writing that if theproperty is for sale, the landlord may enter at reasonable times, without giving notice, to show the premises to prospective buyers. Both the landlord and tenant must sign the agreement.

If a landlord enters the property without following these rules, a tenant can sue and ask for damages caused by the entry or one month's rent, whichever is more. (See note on Page 6.)
Monday, November 03, 2003
I heard someone say today on my way into the building I work "Another day..." I must say that this small phrase really bothers me. When people get comfortable with the "Another day" mentality, they are not looking at life in a very positive light. Even if I did feel like it was just "another day," I wouldn't say those words, because those words really go against the way in which life should be lived.

I did very well today on my linguistics mid-term, and feel very confident and happy about my mid-term on authority in Literary Criticism. I'm very excited that my hard work is paying off. On the other hand, I have quite a bit of anxiety regarding my mid-term on Thursday in Art History. Regardless, when it's all over, I'm going to Biddy's on Friday night to hear Funk Shui and party to celebrate the ending of MID-TERMS!! YEAH!!!

Sunday, November 02, 2003
I studied from 10-1pm at Starbucks by Fred Meyer on Barbur Blvd. It's a new one. Landon walked there (while it was snowing) and then helped me study for a little while. Then, we came home and I studied here until about 10 to 5pm, when we left for Mike & Susan's. We ate pancakes and sausage there, then we left for Marcia's party. Mike & Susan stayed for about an hour and a half, and we stayed for another hour after they left. It was pretty fun-we sat and talked to people, and I got to see Geoff and Mikey, whom I haven't seen for quite some time.

We were home by about 8:45, and I studied until about 11. I did take one break from studying at about 10pm to go to Swan Market for an ice cream bar. Sometimes, you just gotta treat yourself right.

I'm very nervous about mid-terms tomorrow.

Saturday, November 01, 2003
I ONLY studied today:

8am-3:30pm-studied Art History NON-STOP!
3:30-11:30pm-read THE BOSTONIANS
11:30-fell asleep exhaused and much smarter than I was yesterday.

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