Sunday, October 05, 2003
Today...what did we do today? You ever try to remember what you did (even 12 hours later), and it seems to have slipped out of your mind? Well, let me do my best at explaining what we did today.

We (that is, Landon and I) woke up to the noise of the painters working on the building. Therefore, I woke up on the WRONG side of the bed. Hearing the painters scrape paint off of the window right above my head not only struck me as highly disrespectful of my sleep at 8am on a Sunday morning, but also hit the wrong nerve-that is, the nerve that cringes when a scraping sound is heard. After drinking my coffee, going online for awhile, and wasting some time, we got dressed and headed down to Milwaukie Blvd. to check out a house that was listed on the market this weekend. Perfect house, just no money in savings to pay closing costs, so we had to choke on the fact that we can't buy "our house," and accept that "our house" might very well be some other house, and that this house might not be "the one." So, we cried (briefly) and headed down to Kinko's, so I could blow up my chosen work of art.

After encountering the PORTLAND MARATHON, and having to do a very illegal maneuver in the car, we were able to get around the marathon, and onto I-405 headed to NW Portland. I did know of a Kinko's in NW without 12,000 individuals crowded around it.

After dealing with Kinko's, and their crap, we decided we were in the mood for lunch at 11:30am. What were we thinking? Ever ordered a quesadilla (I know, it's not spelled right!), and stared at the chicken one second too long, only to realize it looks like the intenstinal secretions of some kind of wild animal? Well, that was my experience. After chewing three times on a piece of chicken, and realizing it was unchewable, I decided the chicken looked and tasted disgusting (to say the least), so I did not finish my lunch, and we left unsatisfied, and wishing there was an easy way to get what we did eat out of our bodies.

We went home. Unable to reach Cindy (who had volunteered to assist me with my art homework), we laid in bed and read for awhile trying to doze off for some R & R. Sleep eluded us, so we tickled each other for awhile, then decided to go for a drive. By the way, when I say we tickled each other, this does not carry any other meaning other than we tickled the daylights out of each other for about 2 minutes. By then, we were both wide awake. We are both highly ticklish.

After exploring a neighborhood in SW, and finding out once again that the houses are too expensive, we headed to Meier and Frank to buy the following items:

1. New bathmat for bathroom (very pretty blue). P.S. NEVER, I repeat NEVER buy a white bathmat. That would be the one I am replacing with the new blue one. Unfortunately, unless you want to bleach your white bathmat weekly (don't we all have enough laundry to do without doing that?) it will always look more like a gray color, and not white. If you wanted it to look gray, wouldn't you just buy a GRAY BATHMAT??? My point exactly-so, don't buy a white bathmat!
2. New vinyl shower curtain (goes inside the decorative one for those of you who think that the decorative one can stand alone-it can't! You have to have the inner vinyl shower curtain, then the decorative one, or just the vinyl, but not just a decorative one!
3. New sheets for our bed.
4. New plaid fleece blanket for Karli to wrap up in on the futon while reading homework assignments.

We came home again.
Cindy came over.
Cindy and I worked on my art project while sipping on Malibu and pineapple juice.
I lit all the candles in our apartment.
Cindy left.
Landon made dinner.
I ran to Hollywood Video to rent "Of Mice and Men."
We ate dinner-it was baked potatoes (with all the fixin's) and soup (clam chowder for Karli and vegetable soup for Landon).
We sat down on the futon, and Felix laid in between us.
We watched "Of Mice and Men."
I decided to update my blog.
I am now finished updating my blog.


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