Thursday, October 16, 2003
Today was uneventful. Still doing lots of homework every day.

In Art History 204 today, I started shaking and feeling very sick. This was because I had only eaten one piece of toast for breakfast, and as it was nearly 2pm, my body started reacting. Usually, I'm fine until I get out of Art History, but not today! I had to leave class 10 minutes early and run to get some food. I could barely walk down the stairs of Neuberger, because I was so shaky! Once I get like that, it takes an hour or two until I start feeling better, even after I do eat food.

I was unable to go grocery shopping this afternoon, as I've been working on my linguistics homework. So, tonight it looks like I'm going to have to slap something together out of a lot of different things. We have broccoli, French fries, bagels, tuna fish, a little cheese, and some salad (no dressing). Hmmmmmm.....I think I'll make tuna melts on blueberry bagels with some undressed salad and some steamed broccoli! If we're still hungry, we can always make those French fries that have been in our freezer for about six months.

Alright, time to get back to linguistics.



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