Friday, October 24, 2003
Today was a nice fall day. The leaves were falling slowly in the park blocks. Classes were okay today, and I was handed my midterm assignment for Literary Criticism, which will have me buring the midnight candle many evenings this week. It's a tough one, and a 10 page paper at that.

I had lunch with Jen today (my old friend from PBC). She is married to my other good friend from PBC (also from Wales) Matt Williams. We had a nice conversation over bagel sandwiches, and then I took the bus home.

We met my sister Tracy & her husband Mike @ Kenendy School and saw "Once Upon a Time in Mexico." It was okay. Landon liked the movie better than I did. We ate pizza and drank beer during the movie.

Afterwards, we met Landon's co-worker Damien and his wife Laurie at Biddy's, as well as Amy, and ended up hanging out there and drinking beer until about 12:15am. I was glad we didn't stay any later, because I need to get up early tomorrow morning to go to Carol Smith's funeral. Very sad.

It was fun hanging out with Damien, Laurie, and Amy this evening. Funk Shui put on a good show, and it was fun watching people dance. There were some real characters out there!


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