Thursday, October 23, 2003
Today was a great day. Art History is getting better and progressively more interesting, the weather was beautiful, I felt better physically than I have for the past week, and life is feeling good. Landon had his review, and received a nice bonus, as well as a new salary. I love my husband, I love our cats and our life, and I love the plants and things in our apartment. I love the life we are making for ourselves. I love Portland, and I do love the rain here.

We had Mike & Susan over for dinner tonight. I made a roast, potatoes, and salad, and they brought over the bread, the beer, and the wine. It was a good dinner. I'm glad that Landon has such wonderful parents, and I am blessed to have such nice in-laws, who are really friends, not just in-laws.

After Mike & Susan left we walked to Swan Market and bought ice cream bars, wine, and 1554 beer, which is another one of the Fat Tire beers. They have Blue Paddle, Fat Tire, Porch Swing, 1554, and others...I can't remember all the names. All I know is that I really like this brand of beer a lot!

Now, it's back to the books. I'm happy about how my Intro to Linguistics homework went, and now I have to read some stuff for a class tomorrow morning.

Good night-Ciao Ciao!


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