Monday, October 06, 2003
Today was filled with frustration! I went to classes, which went well, and I learned a lot. Then, I no sooner walked in the door of my apartment, and the stupid painters showed up, and started scraping the window RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME while I was eating my lunch! I gave him a dirty look, stormed out of the room, and called the rental agency. They didn't "hire" these guys. The owner privately hired them, and they have been left unsupervised all summer long. They come and go as they please, and do whatever the heck they want. They have no respect to our privacy whatsoever. What's more, I thought they had left, so I laid down for a short nap. I had just drifted off, when they started scraping a window so loud, it filled up my whole apartment with the most unnerving scraping sound. I was so frustrated. I sat myself down, and told myself, "Karli, choose to NOT be in a bad mood right now." I went and bought myself an iced tea, then went to work. I trained Patrick all night, so now I'm getting ready to leave work. I'll go home and finish reading Hawthorne for my American Fiction class tomorrow. I'll be stopping by good old Swan Market to get a bottle of chardonnay to relax my nerves from the painters. I basically am very angry and resentful of the privacy of which they have robbed Landon and I this whole summer, and now into October. They are disrespectful unprofessional men who are robbers of privacy. I almost hate them! I wish they would just go away! I think if they do one more thing, I'm going to unleash my anger on them, and they'll be sorry!


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