Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Today was a bummer:
I have to redo my art project.
Even though the teacher told the class, "Pick out anything in the book...," what she meant to say is, but make sure you only pick something out of the first 1/3 of the book. Since I picked out 19th century artist Van Gogh, I have to redo the assighment. You'd think the prof would say, "This was my mistake, therefore, for those of you who chose something out of the end of the book, you won't have to redo the assignment." Not this prof! She's really stern, and you have to do what she says or else, basically.

So, that's what I have to do-redo the assignment.

After I got off of work, Patrick (Colleen's younger brother), Cindy, and her sister Kelly, and Landon went to Laurelthirst for beers and open mic. It was pretty fun. By 11:15pm when I got home, I was more than ready to hit the sack, but I did read for 20 minutes before going to sleep. I have to have Horace read by tomorrow, so I started on the intro, and will finish the rest tomorrow morning.

Oh, and this day got off to a really bad start, because the painters woke me up at 7:15am this morning when they were talking right outside of our bedroom window. I pounded my fist on the window, and they went away, but that is NO WAY to start your day, I'm telling you!

Today hasn't felt much better than yesterday.



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