Friday, October 03, 2003
Today, I studied Aristotle in Literary Criticism. Aristotle saw literature as having a beginning, middle, and end. This is very obvious to us, because Aristotle's ideas have been conventionalized. Aristotle posits conventional ways of setting limits. Plot, character, theme, diction, music, and spectacle, with the latter three being the medium through which the first three are represented. What makes a tragedy a tragedy is that we take the main character seriously, whereas the central character of a comedy is not someone we take seriously. We decide whether or not to take a character seriously by the decisions he or she makes. All of this (Aristotle's teachings) has been conventionalized throughout history, and is now the foundation of all literature, films, and theater productions.

Now about my day: Today, I read for 30 minutes in Seattle's Best (reading Aristotle) before class, then went to class, then came home. Right now, I am planning to begin homework, then will head to Fred Meyer's to buy ingredients to make Gyro sandwiches. Should be easy. You just fry up the steak slices with some onions, then use whatever spread you like for your cone Gyro sandwich.

Landon isn't feeling well today, so we plan to close our windows tonight in our apartment to cut back on the amount of chills he experiences throughout the night from the drafts. Felix was also very naughty last night, and woke Landon up several times. Now, we all know that if you are awakened several times during the night, which breaks up your sleep pattern, deep sleep never really occurs, and you somehow wake up feeling very tired and unrested. No amount of coffee can undo a night such as this.

Oh, the sacrifices of owning a mentally disabled cat!!!



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