Wednesday, October 08, 2003
Today has been a good day. This is a quick synopsis of my day:
I woke up at 7:30am.
Took a bath.
Got dressed.
Packed Landon's lunch (ham & swiss sandwich)
Talked to Colleen in San Diego for about 20 minutes.
Ate a hash brown and drank a cup of coffee.
Walked to the bus stop.
Went to class (Literary Criticism & Intro to Linguistics)
Came home (bus was overcrowded)
Did the dishes
Made a tuna melt for lunch
Did art assignment over (I have to do it over, because the professor misinformed the class, but I figure after redoing the assignment, I'll be an visual analysis professional!!!)
Okay, we have now arrived to the present-nothing else has taken place yet in my day! So, I will contribute my opinion regarding governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In my opinion (a mon avie), there is something seductive about voting for a celebrity. People feel a connection to Arnold because he has been an entertainer. On some level, there is this thing going on where people make character assessments about the actors they do or do not like, even though they know nothing about them. They only know what is portrayed to them on the big screen, and folks, I hate to break it to you, but it's only acting. The person displayed on the big screen has nothing to do with who they are in real life. This is why I think it is very scary that people have voted for Arnold based on some emotion inside that pulls their hearts into believing that this guy (this actor) can be a leader and govern the state of California. I feel Arnold won first and foremost for his popularity in the movies, but secondly, because people tend to feel connected in some weird way to actors and actresses, forgetting that what they are feeling connected to is this: THE CHARACTER THEY PLAY ON THE SCREEN. What you see in the action movies is not reality. That is, the guy you feel connected to in the movies is not Arnold, it is his character. So, California has voted in Arnold Schwarzenegger based on their emotions for his character. The decisions to mark his name on the ballots has mostly to do with the popularity of his role as ACTOR, and little to nothing to do with is abilities as a LEADER and GOVERNOR. Will California be better off with Arnold Schwarzenegger instead of Gray Davis? This remains to be seen, but I can't help thinking that it is the lack of determination on the part of voters to pursue knowledge about who they are really voting for when they vote that is, for the most part, largely responsible for the unsatisfactory results we live with when it comes to measures wrongfully being passed and politicians who have no business whatsoever being in leadership getting elected. We need to ask ourselves what it is that sways the decisions we make on the ballots when we go to the polls. Is it because we feel connected to the character Arnold Schwarzenegger plays in the movies? It is because George W. Bush says on national television that he is a Christian? Is it because we fall for propaganda (ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause)? (Merriam-Webster, Online) Granted the truth is hard to find, but how can we vote in good conscience without ever pursuing the truth regarding the politicians and measures for which we vote? I don't know what is worse: voting irresponsibly or not voting at all. One thing for sure, it's irresponsible voting that results in a lack of democracy. It isn't our choices that are putting people into office, or passing measures, but the choices of those who are submerging the masses in propaganda, or the choices WE MAKE with our emotions, and not our minds. Therefore, democracy is failing us, but it is because of us that it is failing. As stated online at a historical site about Hitler's rise to power, "Where there is a failure of democracy, there is usually a lack of democracy." Do we ever learn from our mistakes? Aren't we still capable of letting another Hitler get a hold of the reigns of power? Somehow, history is always repeating itself.



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