Saturday, October 11, 2003
I woke up sick and vomiting today, but it was my own fault, because I drank last night and ate little. Usually, when I drink w/out a lot of food in my stomach, I get really sick the next morning. I finally pulled myself out of bed at 1pm. I also had a pounding headache from the hangover. My abdomen ached pretty hard, also. It is such a MISERABLE feeling!

After I took a hot bath and got dressed, we met Sharla at Tony's Bento, our all time favorite lunch stop. By 3pm, we were home again. I looked through several magazines looking for the right short haircut, while Landon took a 2 hour nap. By 5pm, we were at Mike & Susan's for a hot (and good) roast beef dinner, with an excellent salad to go with it. By 6:10pm, I left for Salon in Vogue. Sky cut my hair, and did a pretty good job. I can't get over how short it is in the back, and it's always a real shocker after having heavy tresses for so long. She braided my hair, then whacked off the braid for me to donate to Dornbecher's Hospital to be used for their cancer patients. When she whacked off the braid, she accidently cut a little too close. That's okay, because she made it look cute, anyway. I'm still trying to get used to it, but I think deep down, I really like it. Landon, Mike & Susan all like it, so obviously it probably looks alright.

I didn't get back to Mike & Susan's until after 8pm, but everyone was still in the mood to watch "The Pianist," which we proceeded to do. It is a fantastic movie, regarding a very horrendous subject: The Holocaust. I feel strongly that it is important for people to subject themselves to the history of the Holocaust, and to really understand what took place, and question how and why it took place. It is very interesting to understand this, especially so one can look for the signs that build up to something like the Holocaust, so that perhaps some day this does not happen again. A lot of people delude themselves into thinking that genocide of the magnitude of the Holocaust could never occur again, but I believe it is just that: a delusion. I think people need to be aware. History does have a way of repeating itself, even though we tell ourselves it could not.

Well, it's late-11:18pm right now. Landon isn't tired because he took a 2 hour nap, but I'm pretty tired, and my body is wore out from the hangover. We all make mistakes with alcohol every once in awhile, (well, I like to think we ALL make mistakes, but maybe it is just me!)-but in the past I've always sworn to myself that I'll never ever let my body get sick from the effects of alcohol ever ever again, but after awhile, I forget how important it is to eat food before drinking 3-4 beers, and I assume that everything will be okay....only to wake up the next morning with a pounding headache, an aching abdomen, and a very strong urge to bolt to the bathroom to be sick. As I've said before, history has a way (after some time has passed of repeating itself).

On this great topic (vomiting), I will end this blog. Hopefully, I will have more uplifting topics to relay by tomorrow.

Actually, I do have one more thing about the history repeating itself. It's like a woman who has a baby. Now, every woman will tell you, "...if you remember the pain, you'd never have another baby..." I think over time, people tend to forget how horrible events really were, or they forget the ins and outs to the events, and this is why history ends up repeating itself (well, this and a million other reasons which I don't have the time to list here). Okay, see? I didn't end this blog on the vomiting topic. Well, now I have.
Bonne nuit, Karli


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