Wednesday, October 01, 2003
I had a good day at school today. Literary Criticism is one of my favorite classes. The professor is very intelligent, and I could listen to him talk on the subjects of Plato and the location of reality all day long. Plato's "Republic" is very interesting, and posits that poetry is two steps from the truth, because there is truth or form, then there is the representation of truth, then there is the poetry's re-presentation of the representation. 2 steps from truth. Copy of a copy of the truth. Truth is original form. Words are arbitrary. Poets seduce men by appealing to their lowest form of life: passion.

Highlight of the day: I went to shake the basalmic vinegar, but the lid wasn't screwed on tightly. I ended up with basalmic vinegar all over the wall, plant, and table.

Bummer of the day: Walking on my bruised heel at PSU and carrying my 110.00 Art History book around all day. It's about four inches thick.

Moderately interesting occurance of the day: Talking to the painters about when our screens will be put back in our windows so we can get some fresh air going through our apartment.

Hardest moment of the day: Running 1/2 mile at Metro YMCA track with Landon at 7:30pm.


Inspired Writings:
You were the embodiment of the essence of the desires which lied deep in the confines of my soul. Two things: black and white-you were both. You embraced the darkness of my being, but also cherished the brightest parts. You are what I need. You are what I love. A perfect match is not cliché. We are a perfect match, grounded firmly in the foundations of friendship. You and me: we are two comrades cut from different cloth that look great together. As two pieces of fabric compliment each other in any given pattern, so are we. If the word marriage was meant for any two people, it must have been meant for us, because we, the two of us, can do marriage. Marriage looks great on us. We embody love, and love embodies origin. This is our foundation.

K. Kuhn


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