Friday, October 17, 2003
Hello Hello! Today, I woke up with a sore throat and symptoms of a cold.
After classes, I went grocery shopping. I bought food at Trader Jo's, and non-foods at Safeway. I also had to buy the coffee creamer at Safeway, because they don't have coffee creamers at Trader Jo's. After spending 140.00 between the two places, I came home, carried all of the groceries in the house, and put them away.

Tonight, Landon, Danny, and Zac are playing at County Cork. It should be a good gig. There was some stress earlier when Landon received an e-mail from Brongaene saying the original guitar player who was lined up (Bob) cancelled, and that Landon would be playing with Zac only. I called Cary Novotny and asked if he could find someone else to play with Landon. Luckily, Danny O'Hanlon was able to play. Landon and Danny already play together on Wednesday nights, so they are comfortable playing with each other, and I'm looking forward to the gig tonight. It's especially nice because Landon's parents are coming, as well as my sister Tracy & her husband Mike, and their daughter Haelie, some friends of Susan's, my friend Amy, some of Landon's co-workers, and maybe Sharla and some of her friends. Landon might have quite the audience!!!

We still haven't been reimbursed from Oil Can Henry's for my radiator. Every time I call the woman in the head office, she gives me some excuse, like-oh, I thought the checks were cut on Wednesdays, but it turns out they are cut on Thursdays. Then, Friday rolls around, and there's still no check in the mail, so I call back only to hear her say, "I thought it would be mailed Thursday, but as it turns out, the President gets the checks on Friday, and I dont' know if he's going to sign them today. This shit has been going on for 2 weeks now, and I'm getting really annoyed and border line angry about it. She is one of those people who tell the customer what they want to hear to get them off of her back, but what she doesn't realize is she is only going to have the customer on her back more by lying about the check in the first place. Uggghhhhhh...she is SO annoying! We'd better get the check tomorrow, but based on the history of this ordeal, I really doubt we will.

Oh, the woes of dealing with so called "customer service reps."


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