Friday, October 10, 2003
After school, I cleaned the bathroom, the tub, and the rest of the apartment. By 4:30, Tracy and Kyla were at my apartment. They were waiting for Shelly to get there and drop off Kaenan (whom I was to watch this evening), and then they were all going to go to Kell's to hang out with their manager, since she is leaving. After Shelly arrived, they all left, and the 2-3 hours with Kaenan began. He was a very good boy the whole time. Aside from a couple mishaps (dumping out the fish food and unraveling all of the toilet paper onto the floor), everything went very smoothly. I did learn that Landon was tired when he came home, so didn't feel like playing with Kaenan. I hope he will want to play with our own kids some day, even if he is tired when he gets home from work. I think this is a common problem, though, with working parents.

Around 6:45, Landon left to go to County Cork, and 20-25 minutes later, I left with Kaenan to go there, also. On the way, Kaenan kept saying, "Kar, Kar," followed by "big build" which I took to mean the big buildings. He is a cute boy.

He was very good at the County Cork, and appeared to really like the music. He kept pointing at Landon, and kept smiling when he heard the changes in the music. I think it was a good experience for him.

Shelly, Tracy, Mike, and Kyla all arrived at around 8:30, and left shortly thereafter.

I hung out with Mike & Susan for awhile, then left to go meet Cindy at Biddy's. We stayed and listened to Funk Shui for a little while, then went over to the Twilight to meet her sister, who was there to hear a punk rock band. I only stayed for about an hour, and then left. My eardrums were hurting, and I decided that punk rock is definitely not for me. I guess I don't see it as music at all.

I was tired and had ringing eardrums when I got home.


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