Tuesday, September 09, 2003
Well, we have checked out of our hotel, and are getting coffee here at Mocambo's Coffee again before the ferry departs at 10:30am. We have had a great time here over the past three days.

One thing that I have especially enjoyed about being up here in Canada is listening to French radio. It really helps me with my comprehension skills in French, as well as learning how words that I already know go together in different ways. Last night, there was a talk show on in which the host was interviewing children. I understood a lot of this, as the children's vocabulary was close to my own level in my knowledge of French. Anyway, I liked that show a lot-mostly, because I could understand quite a bit of it.

Landon and I are a little concerned about Janssen! We wish he would update his blog, or at least send an e-mail out letting everyone know he's okay, or what he's up to.

Well, our parking meter will expire in a few minutes, so this is it from Victoria, BC. When I post again, we'll be home in Portland, OR.

We're off now to the ferry, then to Port Townsend! We have 23 pictures left on our camera, which we're saving for this place.



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