Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Well, today was very exciting! We found out we have been approved for a home loan! I am so happy, and excited to find the home that is out there just waiting for us to come along and pick it. I look forward to going through this whole home buying process with Landon. We always had fun together when we were shopping for an apartment, so this will be fun for us, also.

I finished the last of the photos from Landon's childhood today. Now, I will start on my own. I'd like to be finished with this project by the time school starts Sept. 29th, because who knows when I'd find the motivation to pick it up again. I like to finish things that I start. I don't like to start something, and then hope that some day down the road I'll finish it. Life just has a way of never letting you get back to those neglected projects, unfinished books, etc.

Landon and I are going to see Dervish tonight at Lola's Room. Cary Novotny got us on the guest list. We'll have fun. I'm going to go home after work and eat dinner, change my clothes, and then we'll go. Cary was going to open at 8pm, so we'll probably show up around the time they go on to play.

Again, I'm excited about getting approved for the home loan! Can't wait to find that little special house that will be ours in (hopefully) SW Portland!!!!!


P.S. Felix did wake me up last night, hence I am somewhat tired today. I also feel like I'm coming down with the fall cold and cough.


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