Sunday, September 07, 2003
Well, last night was not a peaceful sleep. Landon woke up at 3am with a serious migrane. I drove down to get him some medication, as the hotel could not dispense medication. After I returned, Landon took the maximum amount of medication, and soon he was back to sleep. Next time, we will remember to pack the migrane kit.

After we woke up, we drove downtown and parked. Then, we walked to the grocery store and bought 2 bananas, grapes, trail mix, and carrots. This was to be our breakfast and snack food during the day. We're trying to spend wisely! After drinking our coffee and eating our breakfast, we went through the BUG Zoo, where we saw various kinds of insects. Very interesting. Then, we proceded to walk to Crystal Garden, where we toured the butterfly exhibit, various types of tropical plants, and many exhibits of endangered tropical species.

It is only mid-day, so we will be back to post here later this evening. Don't forget to check Landon's blog @

Landon's Blog

Bye for now! Karli


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