Saturday, September 27, 2003
Well, Landon and I started off today at 11am by going to Coffee People (we were out of coffee creamer), and then we began driving around looking at houses. Unfortunately, this was cut short when I realized my car was overheating, and the radiator had a crack in it. Luckily, we were close to Mike & Susan's house, so drove there, then rode in one of the Volvo's to GI Jo's to get some Stop Leak to repair the crack until the new radiator comes in next week.

Later in the afternoon, we went with Landon's parents to the school at NW 26th and Pembroke and watched the swifts gather by the thousands and swirl into the chimney. It was fun, and we packed a picnic lunch with red wine.

Afterwards, I went over to Sharla's house, and Jen, Sharla, and we went to McMenamins at Mall 205 and had beers.

By the time I got home at midnight, I was more than ready to hit the sheets.



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