Thursday, September 11, 2003
Well, I went to Providence Montessorri School, and it wasn't easy to get to Susan. Then, I was told by Amy that she can't drink hot coffee around the kids. Uggghhh~!!!

I'm at Mike & Susan's right now, because it was too late for me to go home and come back, but too early for me to go to work. I'm killing time until I have to go to work at 4:30pm.

Tomorrow, I have to put together Kristi's baby shower gift, and I might meet someone for coffee, but I'm not sure who yet. I also have to go grocery shopping. I'm making my sister a cake out of diapers for her baby shower gift. Should prove to be interesting.

I'm annoyed about some stuff today. I hate it when I feel angry, but can't let it go. It's hard to know when what motivates you into anger should move you to do something, or if what motivates you to anger should be something that you let go. Let it go! How do you know when to let something go, and when to act on your feelings of anger. I guess you have to get to the bottom of what is making you angry, and then figure it out from there. Basically, I don't think you should act in anger, but once you have simmered down, try to see at that time if you should say or do something about what made you angry in the first place. Anyway, I'm angry right now about something, and even Starbucks isn't making me cool down.


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