Monday, September 15, 2003
We went to the Delta Cafe last night for Mike's 50th birthday. I know for sure now that I dislike catfish. Not my cup of tea. I think we were all disappointed in the food and service. What we don't understand is why people were flocking to this place by the dozens. Some things I'll never understand, I suppose.

Today has been productful. I called Qwest regarding my voicemail, which has not been taking messages. They told me that "just because someone calls you, doesn't mean they leave you a message." I felt like getting angry and saying, "How stupid do you think I am?" but, I just dropped it. Supposedly, our voice mail has been fixed. All they did was move the v/m box to a new server.

After this, I called Oregon Telco regarding our mortgage loan application. Based on what we might be getting approved for, one house comes up in the SW Portland reality data base-a shack. Lucky us.

I just got back from Trader Jo's. We are now stocked up on food for a week or so.

My sister Kristi is due September 23rd or 24th. (I can't remember exactly). Anyway, I'm hoping she has the baby before school starts on the 29th, because I will be insanely busy at that time. I haven't decided if I'm going to drive to McMinnville and sit in the waiting room for 14 (or more) hours while she's in labor. I'm sure I will end up going down there for some or part of the labor and delivery. It kind of depends on what day of the week, and what hour of the day it is. I can't picture myself driving down there at 3am, for example, on a Monday night. No thank you!

I am working tonight, so the rest of my day will most likely be uneventful.

Congratulations to Landon and I for getting approved for a shack in the Portland area! Now, if we were willing to live in the suburbs, we might be able to upgrade from shack to small house. Oh, the temptation!


P.S. Felix didn't wake me up last night! In fact, I slept very well!


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