Sunday, September 28, 2003
Today we did the following errands and chores:
Took Priscilla to the vet for vaccinations
Landon got a haircut
Finished the Picture Project
Took scanner, CD of new pics, and envelope of pics to Landon's parents
Went to Fred Meyer
I got my backpack/binder ready for school tomorrow.

I am stressed out, and I'm not in a very good mood. Somehow, even though I washed Landon's Pendleton shirt with my whites, it has an orange stain on the front. There is no way it could have gotten this stain from anything that I washed it with. Anyhow, the shirt is now unwearable in my opinion. It seems like no matter what I do, clothes get ruined in the washing machine. It does not make me very happy whatsoever. To top this off, the painters are highly annoying me. For going on 8 weeks now, they have been working on this house, and are continually painting in our windows, so we have no privacy, unless we go into our bedroom, which is hardly even big enough for two people.

To escape the annoyances of the painters and the stained Pendleton shirt, we are going to Baghdad for pizza, beer, and a movie. We're going to watch "The Italian Job."

Actually, I called my sister Tracy and her husband Mike, and we ended up going out to dinner at The Olive Garden for all you can eat pasta for 8.00, salad, bread sticks, and wine. Then, we rented "The Ring" (which we'd already seen, but wanted to see again) and went to their place and watched it. Their kitten, Buddy, is very cute. He is a combination of Priscilla's personality, with Rosie's appearance.

I'm nervous about starting school tomorrow. It is going to be a tough term.



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