Sunday, September 21, 2003
Today was very disheartening. Landon and I drove around neighborhoods in SW Portland for over 4 hours today, putting almost 100 miles on the car. We finally (after 4 hours) determined we just could not afford to live in SW Portland. Houses around 800 sq. feet are about 185,000.00, and shacks that are 580 sq ft. are 145,000.00, which is the max of what we would want to spend. After four hours, we finally hit the east side, and saw faint glimmers of hope pricewise, but only found one or two properties that were even possibilities. One had a broken window, and was such a shack that I've seen barns that look better. The other one was a beautiful house that was 179,000.00, and was huge, but had already been remodeled. It was around 16th & SE Holgate. We figure if we can find something similar to that which has NOT been remodeled, that maybe we'll get the house we want (and can fix up while still being able to LIVE there) for the right price. We still are hopeful, but also discouraged at the same time. I hope we can find the right house at the right price!

After this long drive around Portland, we went to the Sherwood, Tualatin, Tigard area to check out housing prices there. We found that most of these neighborhoods have been built recently, and are very expensive. The old areas aren't cheap either, and there are lots of ranch style houses. We decided the suburbs don't appeal enough and are not financially any cheaper, so there is no reason to sacrifice by living in the suburbs. We'll continue to check the listings for both SW and SE (close to the river) daily.

After this, we met my family (with Kristi & Zac) for dinner at Red Lobster. This is one of my families favorite restaurants, but Landon and I hate it! Both times we've been there, we've had to spend 50.00 (and this is buying the cheaper things on the menu) and the food has been similar to microwave entrees. We really hate it. Anyway, it was fun, however, and was the night before Kristi is to be given mizoprostol to help start labor. She is going in at 5am tomorrow, and will stay so they can observe how the medication is affecting her. They are hoping it will send her into labor, which most of the time this medication does. As soon as I hear anything, I plan on heading down to McMinnville, and will probably spend a day or two down there at my parents house.

That's all for now!

Ciao, Karli


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