Thursday, September 25, 2003
Today I scanned over 300 pictures. I was really tired by the time I left here to go to work. Mostly my back and my shoulders from doing that kind of work all day. I've worked so hard on this project. My motivation comes from wanting to finish what I started. You see, I started on Landon's photos somewhere around June, so I've been working non stop on this project for quite awhile now. My project was challenging in different ways than Landon's picture project in that I had to go to McMinnville, pick up several bags and boxes of pictures, then sort through them one by one until I had everything organized into stacks. One stack for each of us kids, stacks to go into photo albums, my stack that is to be scanned. I have put everything into photo albums and photo boxes at this point. All that is left to do is scan the mountainous stack of my childhood photos that remains on my living room floor. I continue to work on this, and this project continues to fill my days.

Felix was very bad last night. He woke me up several times, and basically Landon and I started taking turns getting up and squirting him with the water bottle. It's like having a newborn for goodness sakes.

Kristi & Zac named the baby. They were going to name him either Malekai Ashton Lee Dreyer, and call him Kai, or Ashton Lee Dreyer. After debating between the two names for the past two days, Kristi finally let Zac make the decision, so the little guy is named Ashton Lee Dreyer. Now, I have two little nephews: Kaenan Gabriel Gilliam and Ashton Lee Dreyer. The two boys are about 22 months apart. Since both will most likely grow up in McMinnville, I'm sure they'll be good friends.

I am worried about the baby. The hospital is keeping him until Sunday. I hope everything will be okay.

Ciao, Karli


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