Friday, September 05, 2003
Last night was really weird! At Cha Cha Cha, we almost didn't get a good table (which is everything), and within 30 minutes, the birthday dinner was over. We walked down two streets after dinner, and I found out that if I learn how to do really nice mosaics, I'll be rich, as circular tabletop mosaics are sold downtown for 4500.00! After we met Mike & Susan at Cha Cha Cha, we headed home, only to find out that our secondary plan had fallen through the cracks. Jen & Sharla were no longer going to Portland City Grill. So, we invited our very good friend Cindy Mahoney over, and had wine slushies (Charles Shaw white wine DOES FREEZE if you leave it in the freezer!) and we watched Sex & the City. Cindy is going to take care of our apartment while we are in Victoria the next five days, so last night I showed her what to do to keep our two cats, two betas, countless tropical fish, and over 20 plants alive. Our apartment is full of foliage. AT least the air is clean!

Yesterday, I had to have a very painful procedure done, which I had already undergone in May, 2001. I was very upset that I had to have this procedure done once again, but since it was Landon's birthday, I was determined not to let it ruin the day! Having said that, I may have to look into having outpatient surgery if this cyst returns a third time. Basically, they take a knife and scissors and cut and drain the cyst. Yes, they can numb the area to a degree, but it is still painful. That would be why I'm on darvocet. I'm also on two antiobiotics, and after I drank wine last night, I basically fell into a deep sleep. Nothing could wake me-not even Felix's attempts last night with the scratching and meowing. I still can't figure out why he isn't sleeping through the night anymore. For goodness sakes, it's like having a newborn! Anyway, I have to go see another physician next week to follow up on this procedure and discuss my options regarding it (surgically removing the glands that cause the cysts).

Landon's brother, Janssen, is in Japan now. Hope he makes wise choices and stays safe!

Landon and I are very excited about our trip this week. We hope to bicycle around part of the island, and do lots and lots of walking. I heard from my friends, Jen & Matt Williams, about the great pubs in Victoria, and excellent beer. Mike & Susan recommended having a look at the Buchart Gardens. Lots to see and do-I know we'll have a great time. The best part is getting out of town.

Landon made three martinis last night with his martini kit. It's very nice!

Here's a little poem to brighten your day.

Paula Watson

Little Polly Watson cried and she cried
All because her goldfish died
The goldfish used to eat and swim
Now it floats at the top near the rim.
Little Timmy Peterson saw the dead fish first
And when he told little Polly she cursed and she cursed.
At 6 years old, the only bad words that she knew
She had learned from her friend Timmy-he cussed too.
Little Tommy Peterson not only cussed but he lied
So he told Polly it was her fault that her goldfish died
Polly never did find out what really happened that June night
Which was Tommy found the strychnine-the lid wasn’t on tight
He proceeded to pour the poison into little Polly’s goldfish bowl
And the fish died thereafter, god rest his poor poisoned soul.

By: Karli


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