Monday, September 01, 2003
Last night, Felix was at it again. He cried, and couldn't sleep. He scratched his litter box and the cupboard for a long time. I think he's traumatized during the day with the guys who are working on the house, and it carries over into the evening. He spends all day curled tightly up on a closet shelf, or hiding behind my dresses in the closet, and when they leave later, he comes out. He doesn't eat or anything during the day, because he is too scared of the sounds the guys are making while working on the house. I hope this stops soon, so I can get a good night of sleep!

Landon and I looked at two houses yesterday, both are 230,000.00. It is exciting to begin the search for a home. We dropped off our home loan application, so hopefully we will get approved! We have no assets, so I hope we can still get approved! The way I see it, if my sisters can get approved, then I can too.

Au revoir, Journal.



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