Tuesday, September 30, 2003
I went to Art History and American Fiction today. I'm really glad I changed my class from Advanced Topics in Romanticism to American Fiction, because A) I need the elective, and B) It will be much easier. I needed an "easy" class, because my other three are going to suck the life energy out of me. Don't get me wrong: I have to read seven novels for American Fiction, which isn't easy when you have homework going out your ears in your other classes, but American Fiction and I get along pretty well, and I usually have no problem with the themes or writing papers. Plus, I get to read Kate Chopin! I love American Literature!

By afternoon, I learned that Landon's car needs a tune up and a new timing belt, which will cost around 1500.00. We're going to do half of the job this month, and the next half next month. We have to eat, you know! 1500.00 will throw a curve ball on our plans to buy a house this fall. We'll just have to wait until after the first of the year. We need to get the closing costs saved up, and at this rate, saving money is next to impossible when expenses like this arise during the month.

I read the last 30 pages of the 80 I was assigned of Plato last night. I found his writing to be very interesting. I dreamed about Plato, and have been thinking of him all morning. Don't tell Landon, or he might get jealous! HAHA!

Maintenant, je dois marcher dans la rue pour aller a l'universite.



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