Monday, September 08, 2003
Hello! We've been walking since 9:30am, and since it is now past 6:30pm, that's about 9 hours of walking. Our feet are sore, but we feel like we've barely scratched the surface of this city, not to mention the island. Today, we started off at Royal BC Museum, where we toured one of the best dinosaur exhibits in the world. We had heard that this museum was one of the best, and we agree! The displays were very interesting, aside from the 30 minute underwater exhibit, which was more for kids, but somehow we didn't realize it before dedicating ourselves to the 30 minute ride. We were in the museum for over three hours total.

Afterwards, we ate our sack lunch of grapes, trail mix, carrots, and chocolate covered raisons at a park next to the museum which had totem poles. I can't remember the name of the park right now. Then, we walked through Beacon Hill Park for awhile, before returning to our room to regroup before heading out to Hatley Castle. The castle is used by Royal Road University, so we were unable to tour the castle, but the grounds were phenomenal. We browsed through the Italian Garden, Japanese Garden, and the Rose Garden. We were able to see baby peacocks, which I, for one, had never seen. We liked the peacocks.

From there, we went and explored Chinatown about six blocks west of the downtown Wharf. It was cool. Lots of outdoor produce stands, and it appeared that there were many good Chinese restaurants in this area.

We just returned from dining at the Mediterranean Cuisine, which we ate at the first day, and liked it so much that we wanted to eat there again. We ordered 15.00 Canadian dollars worth of food, then walked around some more-browsed through an art gallery, and now are here at the internet cafe. We plan to go find a cheap bottle of wine or liquor (we have yet to have any alcohol on this trip, and we are in dire need of a buz!), then we plan to go for a swim - THEN DRINK - then, hit the hay.

This has been a good trip. We plan to visit Port Townsend tomorrow. For now, goodbye....Karli & Landon


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