Saturday, September 06, 2003
Hello Journal! Well, Landon and I have safely arrived in Victoria, British Columbia. We are having a fabulous time.

After leaving our apartment at around 4:30pm yesterday, Friday, Sept. 5th, we drove up to OHSU where my sister Tracy had a gift waiting for Landon's 24th birthday. She bought him a book entitled 100 Hikes in Oregon. Very nice gift indeed. From there, we went to Oil Can Henry's, where I had an oil change before leaving for our journey. We left Portland at 5:09pm. By 7:30, we realized that we would be going by Port Townsend! We decided to wait until Tuesday when we're on our way home to visit the town which holds many happy memories from Landon's days at Fiddle Tunes. By 8:30pm, 3 1/2 hours after leaving Portland, we found ourselves in Port Angeles. The drive was very beautiful, and we were listening to jazz on the radio. The sun was setting on the bay, and it was a very serene and peaceful drive.

When we arrived in Port Angeles, our bargaining for a cheap motel began. We visited about four motels, and it was the second to last one we visited that really made us realize that these motel owners were banking on the fact that we were tired and would take anything at any price. Not us! We're traveling on a budget this time! No money squandering for us! The second to last lady said- "69.00!" I said, "The Portside Motel down the road sent us to you and told us you would be the cheapest in town, and you're telling me 10.00 more than they quoted me! I'd like the cheapest room that you have." She said, "Our queen rooms are the same as our king rooms-and, it's 69.00." She stuttered around, and you could tell this was a made up price. We left that place in a hurry. We ended up staying at Traveller's Motel, where a very nice woman gave us a suite, but closed the doors to the other rooms in the suite so housecleaning didn't have to clean them, and gave it to us at a fair price. There were many nice plants from the old grandma that lived there sitting outside. We liked it a lot, mainly because they were nice to us, but also because of the plants.

We set the alarm for 6am to catch the 8:20am ferry, and have time for coffee and bagels beforehand. Everything went very smoothly, including the ferry ride, and the entrance into Victoria through customs. They didn't even ask to see our birth certificates-but, had we not had them, murphy's law would have required that they would have asked for them, right?

We've had a very exciting day. We have spent all day exploring the downtown city of Victoria. We've probably walked several miles total today. We're having a great time. We even found a Pita Pit, which was our favorite place to eat on our honeymoon in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The guys at Pita Pit have assured us that a store is coming to Portland soon! We can't wait! The most exciting and interesting thing we did today was tour the Royal London Wax Museum. Neither of us really knew how great it would be to tour the Royal LondonWax Museum. We saw the royal family, Donald Rumsfield, President Bush, Marilyn Monroe, Dan Block, Jane Seymour, King Henry VIII and all six of his wives (I can't remember all their names-I'm no history major!), the various forms of torture from several periods of time in history, the forms of capital punishment-Did you know that France, Britain, and Canada do not practice capital punishment? There was a sign that noted how the US continues to practice capital punishment, despite the major contraversy over it. Anyway, we loved the Wax Museum. It was very exciting. It was hard to believe how real they looked, and we felt like we were "staring." It was weird, because everything in you told you not to stare, but then you had to remind yourself that they weren't real. The molds are exact, and each of their hairs are put in one at a time with a needle. The molds are taken of them either right after they died, or while they were or are still living. Everything is exact, down to the height and weight of the individual. It is very intriguing, and a wonderful skill. Few can master it.

Well, we are off to enjoy the pool at the Red Lion, where we are staying on Douglas Street. Next time, we are thinking of staying at a cool hostel we found right by the water, for only $15.00 US. We want to leave our car next time in Port Angeles, and take our bikes on the ferry, because, although you may not know this, Victoria, BC is the cycling capital of Canada.

Au revoir ma famille et mes amis!
Bien amicalement,
P.S. Landon says hi to one and all. He is sitting here as I type this, and everything I have said comes from him, also.


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