Wednesday, September 24, 2003
After seeing Kristi and the baby, I drove Tracy back to Tualatin, and then went to Landon's work, where we left to go out to coffee and discuss Kristi's delivery. The baby was 9 pounds, 6 ounces, 22 inches long, and has short, dark hair. He closely resembles Zac. They haven't named him yet, but he was born at 7:30am on September 23rd, 2003 (first day of fall). After having coffee with Landon, I headed home, took a shower, got dressed, and went to work. Considering I had hardly slept the night before, I was exhausted. I couldn't even think at work. After putting in 4 hours, I left at 6pm, and picked up Landon from work, then met at Tracy & Mike's. We went to Wendy's to get some dinner, stopped by Hagen's to pick up a balloon and flowers, then headed down to McMinnville to see Zac, Kristi, & the baby. We talked about the delivery, and Kristi and Zac are upset about how everything happened. We discussed the bad calls the doctors made regarding the C-section. Everyone got to hold the baby, and I realized as I was holding him just how heavy 9 lbs. 6 oz. really is. I couldn't imagine carrying that weight in my abdomen. I asked Kristi if it felt better to have him out of her uterus, and she just said that it kind of does, but that she still feels pregnant until her uterus goes down. The baby seemed a little cold, so we wrapped him up in one of the little fleece blankets I had bought him to go on the diaper cake. He's a cute little guy. By 9pm, we headed back to Portland. I drank some night time sleepy tea with Landon, then we went to bed. It was good to go to bed.


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