Tuesday, September 30, 2003
I went to Art History and American Fiction today. I'm really glad I changed my class from Advanced Topics in Romanticism to American Fiction, because A) I need the elective, and B) It will be much easier. I needed an "easy" class, because my other three are going to suck the life energy out of me. Don't get me wrong: I have to read seven novels for American Fiction, which isn't easy when you have homework going out your ears in your other classes, but American Fiction and I get along pretty well, and I usually have no problem with the themes or writing papers. Plus, I get to read Kate Chopin! I love American Literature!

By afternoon, I learned that Landon's car needs a tune up and a new timing belt, which will cost around 1500.00. We're going to do half of the job this month, and the next half next month. We have to eat, you know! 1500.00 will throw a curve ball on our plans to buy a house this fall. We'll just have to wait until after the first of the year. We need to get the closing costs saved up, and at this rate, saving money is next to impossible when expenses like this arise during the month.

I read the last 30 pages of the 80 I was assigned of Plato last night. I found his writing to be very interesting. I dreamed about Plato, and have been thinking of him all morning. Don't tell Landon, or he might get jealous! HAHA!

Maintenant, je dois marcher dans la rue pour aller a l'universite.


Monday, September 29, 2003
Today was my first day back to school. I had looked at my schedule wrong, so I didn't go to one of my classes. I had to ask the teacher not to drop me, because there were a lot of people on the waiting list. She isn't going to drop me, but I'm stressed because I missed the first day.

I dropped Literature of the Romantic Period, and am now taking American Fiction instead. This class will be Tuesdays and Thursdays, so by adding it, I did not miss the first day.

I like the teacher in my Lit. Theory class. It's going to be a tough class. We have to read 80 pages by Wednesday, and it's pretty tough reading. Very big words (and lots of 'em!)

I went to work after I got home from school, then came home, but not before stopping by Swan Market for a bottle of white wine. I drank a glass of wine while reading part of those 80 pages. I still have 50 to go!

I'm off to bed...

Sunday, September 28, 2003
Today we did the following errands and chores:
Took Priscilla to the vet for vaccinations
Landon got a haircut
Finished the Picture Project
Took scanner, CD of new pics, and envelope of pics to Landon's parents
Went to Fred Meyer
I got my backpack/binder ready for school tomorrow.

I am stressed out, and I'm not in a very good mood. Somehow, even though I washed Landon's Pendleton shirt with my whites, it has an orange stain on the front. There is no way it could have gotten this stain from anything that I washed it with. Anyhow, the shirt is now unwearable in my opinion. It seems like no matter what I do, clothes get ruined in the washing machine. It does not make me very happy whatsoever. To top this off, the painters are highly annoying me. For going on 8 weeks now, they have been working on this house, and are continually painting in our windows, so we have no privacy, unless we go into our bedroom, which is hardly even big enough for two people.

To escape the annoyances of the painters and the stained Pendleton shirt, we are going to Baghdad for pizza, beer, and a movie. We're going to watch "The Italian Job."

Actually, I called my sister Tracy and her husband Mike, and we ended up going out to dinner at The Olive Garden for all you can eat pasta for 8.00, salad, bread sticks, and wine. Then, we rented "The Ring" (which we'd already seen, but wanted to see again) and went to their place and watched it. Their kitten, Buddy, is very cute. He is a combination of Priscilla's personality, with Rosie's appearance.

I'm nervous about starting school tomorrow. It is going to be a tough term.

Saturday, September 27, 2003
Well, Landon and I started off today at 11am by going to Coffee People (we were out of coffee creamer), and then we began driving around looking at houses. Unfortunately, this was cut short when I realized my car was overheating, and the radiator had a crack in it. Luckily, we were close to Mike & Susan's house, so drove there, then rode in one of the Volvo's to GI Jo's to get some Stop Leak to repair the crack until the new radiator comes in next week.

Later in the afternoon, we went with Landon's parents to the school at NW 26th and Pembroke and watched the swifts gather by the thousands and swirl into the chimney. It was fun, and we packed a picnic lunch with red wine.

Afterwards, I went over to Sharla's house, and Jen, Sharla, and we went to McMenamins at Mall 205 and had beers.

By the time I got home at midnight, I was more than ready to hit the sheets.

Friday, September 26, 2003
I scanned, scanned, and scanned today until my sister showed up at my apartment. We left to go to McMinnville to take my sister a meal. She is still at the hospital, as the baby is still i/p from his jaundice. They are staying in the room with the baby. Kristi has been discharged, so is not receiving food or meds. She is, however, sleeping in a hospital bed next to baby Ashton, who is sleeping under the light.

Since 2 year old Kaenan came along, the visit was a nightmare. He wanted to push all the buttons and explore the hospital. We served them dinner, then left about an hour later. By this time, everyone was very stressed from Kaenan being there.

I came home, talked to Landon, and we went to bed. It was a very long day.

Thursday, September 25, 2003
Today I scanned over 300 pictures. I was really tired by the time I left here to go to work. Mostly my back and my shoulders from doing that kind of work all day. I've worked so hard on this project. My motivation comes from wanting to finish what I started. You see, I started on Landon's photos somewhere around June, so I've been working non stop on this project for quite awhile now. My project was challenging in different ways than Landon's picture project in that I had to go to McMinnville, pick up several bags and boxes of pictures, then sort through them one by one until I had everything organized into stacks. One stack for each of us kids, stacks to go into photo albums, my stack that is to be scanned. I have put everything into photo albums and photo boxes at this point. All that is left to do is scan the mountainous stack of my childhood photos that remains on my living room floor. I continue to work on this, and this project continues to fill my days.

Felix was very bad last night. He woke me up several times, and basically Landon and I started taking turns getting up and squirting him with the water bottle. It's like having a newborn for goodness sakes.

Kristi & Zac named the baby. They were going to name him either Malekai Ashton Lee Dreyer, and call him Kai, or Ashton Lee Dreyer. After debating between the two names for the past two days, Kristi finally let Zac make the decision, so the little guy is named Ashton Lee Dreyer. Now, I have two little nephews: Kaenan Gabriel Gilliam and Ashton Lee Dreyer. The two boys are about 22 months apart. Since both will most likely grow up in McMinnville, I'm sure they'll be good friends.

I am worried about the baby. The hospital is keeping him until Sunday. I hope everything will be okay.

Ciao, Karli
Wednesday, September 24, 2003
I worked on scanning photos all day until I had to go to work at 4pm. When I got off of work, I went with Landon to "Grandma's," the place he plays at with Danny O'Hanlon on Wednesday nights. It was really annoying, because there were these slot machines, and the sounds that came from them were one pitch, and very annoying. Landon says that was only the second time that has happened. I just sat while they played and read chapters from "The Bell Jar." It was hard to concentrate on the book, because my nerves were majorly affected by the sounds coming from those machines. I ate a hamburger, drank pineapple juice mixed with Malibu, and then had a Corona with lime.

When we got home, we watched the 11 o'clock news, then went to bed.

The last I heard at 8:30pm, Zac and Kristi had not named the baby yet.

Zac says the swelling has gone down slightly on the baby's face, and that he lost 3 oz, but is beginning to nurse now.

After seeing Kristi and the baby, I drove Tracy back to Tualatin, and then went to Landon's work, where we left to go out to coffee and discuss Kristi's delivery. The baby was 9 pounds, 6 ounces, 22 inches long, and has short, dark hair. He closely resembles Zac. They haven't named him yet, but he was born at 7:30am on September 23rd, 2003 (first day of fall). After having coffee with Landon, I headed home, took a shower, got dressed, and went to work. Considering I had hardly slept the night before, I was exhausted. I couldn't even think at work. After putting in 4 hours, I left at 6pm, and picked up Landon from work, then met at Tracy & Mike's. We went to Wendy's to get some dinner, stopped by Hagen's to pick up a balloon and flowers, then headed down to McMinnville to see Zac, Kristi, & the baby. We talked about the delivery, and Kristi and Zac are upset about how everything happened. We discussed the bad calls the doctors made regarding the C-section. Everyone got to hold the baby, and I realized as I was holding him just how heavy 9 lbs. 6 oz. really is. I couldn't imagine carrying that weight in my abdomen. I asked Kristi if it felt better to have him out of her uterus, and she just said that it kind of does, but that she still feels pregnant until her uterus goes down. The baby seemed a little cold, so we wrapped him up in one of the little fleece blankets I had bought him to go on the diaper cake. He's a cute little guy. By 9pm, we headed back to Portland. I drank some night time sleepy tea with Landon, then we went to bed. It was good to go to bed.
Monday, September 22, 2003
Kristi went to the hospital this morning to get treated with a medication that softens your cervix, and most of the time sends women into labor. At first, her blood pressure was too high, so they waited until about 11:30am to give her the first dose. Her contractions started in the afternoon, and at around 6:30pm, her water broke on its own. By 7pm, Tracy, Mike, and I arrived in McMinnville and had a big roast dinner with my family before everyone headed over to McMinnville Community Hospital. We arrived at the hospital at around 8pm, and Kristi was having contractions every 2-3 minutes. Since her water had broke, her contractions were very painful. We went back at one point around 9:30 or 10pm to see her, and she was in the middle of a contraction, and had been given a dose of pain reliever that made her very groggy, but did not do much for pain relief. By 12am, Zac came out to the waiting room and told us that Kristi had only dialated between 3-4 centimeters, and the doctors were putting a fetal monitor on the baby, because his heart rate was dropping, and he appeared to be in distress. We all decided to head home, but Mom would call us as soon as she knew anything. I got home at around 1am, but couldn't sleep because I was worried about Kristi. I finally dozed off, but at 5am, got a call from Shelly. I was so groggy I could hardly talk coherently. Shelly said that at 2:30am, the doctors had decided that if Kristi didn't dilate within 20 minutes, they were going to do a C-section, since the baby was in distress. This is where they made a super bad call. Kristi did dilate, but since they had never done an ultrasound to see how big the baby was, they had no idea that the baby was just too big for Kristi to deliver it naturally. They made a bad call, and decided to not do the C-section. By 5am, Kristi had dilated to 10 centimeters, and they had her start pushing. This is when Shelly called me. I threw on my clothes, and within 20 minutes, I was in Tualatin to pick up Tracy. By 6:30am, we were at the hospital again. Mom was in with Kristi and Zac in the delivery room, and Grandma and Shelly were in the waiting room. No one knew anything. We sat there until 8am, when we finally saw Mom and Zac appear in the waiting room. I could instantly tell by their expressions that things weren't good. Kristi had gone through hell. She pushed for 2 and a half hours, and the baby was just too big for her. Plus, the baby was in major distress during delivery, and the heart rate kept dropping. It was very difficult even delivering the baby, and they had to call an emergency to get other doctors in the room, since the baby's head was delivered with the umbilical cord wrapped around its head, but the shoulders weren't budging. When they finally got the baby out, it wasn't breathing, and 3 doctors started working on him right away. Zac told me when the baby came out, it was purple and lifeless. He said it was the scariest thing in the world. Plus, Kristi was hemorraging very badly. Doctors were working on Kristi, and the baby finally started to faintly cry. His apgar was 3. He has lots of bruises on his face and body from the delivery, but seems to be doing okay now. Kristi's recovery will be slow and painful. Unfortunately, the hospital made a big mistake by risking the baby's life and Kristi's by not doing a C section at 2am when the baby was obviously in distress. They also should have measured the baby's head and weight to determine if it was even feasible for Kristi to vaginally deliver, since she had been a borderline gestational diabetic the last trimester of her pregnancy. By 10am, we were able to go in to see Kristi, Zac, and the baby. He's a cute little guy. He looks just like Zac. He's very big. I took one look at him, and could not believe Kristi ever delivered him. His head is 14 inches in diameter. OHSU won't deliver any babies vaginally with a head circumference of more than 10 inches. I can't help thinking if Kristi had been at a different hospital, she would have received better medical care. Everyone is feeling sad about the horror of her delivery, and the fear for the babies life and Kristi's that occured during the traumatic delivery. I was crying about what Kristi had to go through. It just doesn't seem right that she should have ever had to go through that. They should have taken the baby C-section, especially since he was in distress from the cord being wrapped around his little neck.
Sunday, September 21, 2003
Today was very disheartening. Landon and I drove around neighborhoods in SW Portland for over 4 hours today, putting almost 100 miles on the car. We finally (after 4 hours) determined we just could not afford to live in SW Portland. Houses around 800 sq. feet are about 185,000.00, and shacks that are 580 sq ft. are 145,000.00, which is the max of what we would want to spend. After four hours, we finally hit the east side, and saw faint glimmers of hope pricewise, but only found one or two properties that were even possibilities. One had a broken window, and was such a shack that I've seen barns that look better. The other one was a beautiful house that was 179,000.00, and was huge, but had already been remodeled. It was around 16th & SE Holgate. We figure if we can find something similar to that which has NOT been remodeled, that maybe we'll get the house we want (and can fix up while still being able to LIVE there) for the right price. We still are hopeful, but also discouraged at the same time. I hope we can find the right house at the right price!

After this long drive around Portland, we went to the Sherwood, Tualatin, Tigard area to check out housing prices there. We found that most of these neighborhoods have been built recently, and are very expensive. The old areas aren't cheap either, and there are lots of ranch style houses. We decided the suburbs don't appeal enough and are not financially any cheaper, so there is no reason to sacrifice by living in the suburbs. We'll continue to check the listings for both SW and SE (close to the river) daily.

After this, we met my family (with Kristi & Zac) for dinner at Red Lobster. This is one of my families favorite restaurants, but Landon and I hate it! Both times we've been there, we've had to spend 50.00 (and this is buying the cheaper things on the menu) and the food has been similar to microwave entrees. We really hate it. Anyway, it was fun, however, and was the night before Kristi is to be given mizoprostol to help start labor. She is going in at 5am tomorrow, and will stay so they can observe how the medication is affecting her. They are hoping it will send her into labor, which most of the time this medication does. As soon as I hear anything, I plan on heading down to McMinnville, and will probably spend a day or two down there at my parents house.

That's all for now!

Ciao, Karli
Saturday, September 20, 2003
Today-Landon, Susan, Mike, and I went to Manzanita Beach. It was a beautiful day, albeit a little windy out. We ate lunch, then had a nice hour or two long walk up the beach and back, then drank some wine, then drove back through Tillamook. We checked out the Tillamook Cheese Factory, motivated by our desire to eat cheese curds and consume 2000 calories-them babies is loaded with calories (about 120 per inch). I won't say how many inches of cheese curds I alone consumed, but it wasn't two or three, I'll tell you that much.

On the beach, there was a little sea bird that had either been mauled by a dog, or was waterlogged, or was sick. On our way back from our walk, the little guy seemed to be doing a tad bit better, but still seemed easy prey for the next dog that would come along. We fought back the tears and kept walking. I hope the bird died peacefully looking out to the ocean, or is now all better and back out at sea looking for treats in the ocean with its friends. I wanted to "save" it by "doing" something, but there wasn't anything to do. Sometimes you have to just keep walking and not look back.

After we came back home, we had soft tacos at Mike & Susan's, then watched "The Hunted," which was filmed in Portland, OR. Pretty good action flick. I hate to say this, but if you've seen one Tommy Lee Jones action movie, you've seen them all. This particular film was a little more interesting since it was filmed in Oregon, but the plot of the movie was generally the same as all the others-Tommy Lee Jones chasing bad guy-after long chase-bad guy is caught.

I'm very tired, and my skin is wind chapped and burned from the sun today. I must get to bed. I think I will read one chapter of "The Bell Jar" before officially calling it a day.
Friday, September 19, 2003
I found out last night that my sister has toxemia, which my Mom almost died from with me. I guess it is hereditary, and if your mom had it, you have a 60% chance of having it with one or more pregnancies yourself. My sister's pregnancy has had its problems already. She is borderline gestational diabetic, and is huge. Her baby will probably be 9 or 10 lbs. I'm sure they will induce her this weekend. Plus, she has major stretchmarks. I can't even describe to you how bad her stretchmarks are. All I can do is hope that my situation further down the road will be much better based on better nutrition, better hydration, and limited weight gain.

Back to the picture project!

Thursday, September 18, 2003
I have made a lot of progress this morning on the boxes of photos from my Mom's attic. I have everything in neat little stacks. While I'm gone this afternoon, the cats better not knock them over! They'll be in trouble if they do! I'll be using the water bottle on them if they go near that area.

I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, and afterwards I am meeting Trinka & Amy for coffee. When I return home, I plan to resume the photo sifting.

Hopefully by tomorrow I will be able to start scanning. I'm only scanning my baby & childhood photos, but in order to get those photos, I have to go through EVERYTHING! While I'm at it, I'm sorting through all these photos and putting them into photo albums for my Mom. I'll have to run to Fred Meyer today to buy more photo albums. Fun, fun! Isn't my life SO boring? Just kidding!

Wednesday, September 17, 2003
Landon and I have cancelled our trip to Crater Lake. We want to save everything now for the house. We're okay with this cancellation, although it is a tad bit disappointing. It's alright, though, because we're getting a house! Woohoo!

I spent most of today in McMinnville going through boxes to find all my childhood photos. I need to start scanning and working with my childhood photos, so I can finish this project by Sept. 29th!

Tonight, I'm making Mahi Mahi and mashed potatoes for dinner. My mom made me cream tuna fish over toast for lunch with corn and applesauce. Kaenan can say "Hi Kar" now. It's really cute.

Well, Landon should be home soon. I need to start on dinner!
Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Well, today was very exciting! We found out we have been approved for a home loan! I am so happy, and excited to find the home that is out there just waiting for us to come along and pick it. I look forward to going through this whole home buying process with Landon. We always had fun together when we were shopping for an apartment, so this will be fun for us, also.

I finished the last of the photos from Landon's childhood today. Now, I will start on my own. I'd like to be finished with this project by the time school starts Sept. 29th, because who knows when I'd find the motivation to pick it up again. I like to finish things that I start. I don't like to start something, and then hope that some day down the road I'll finish it. Life just has a way of never letting you get back to those neglected projects, unfinished books, etc.

Landon and I are going to see Dervish tonight at Lola's Room. Cary Novotny got us on the guest list. We'll have fun. I'm going to go home after work and eat dinner, change my clothes, and then we'll go. Cary was going to open at 8pm, so we'll probably show up around the time they go on to play.

Again, I'm excited about getting approved for the home loan! Can't wait to find that little special house that will be ours in (hopefully) SW Portland!!!!!


P.S. Felix did wake me up last night, hence I am somewhat tired today. I also feel like I'm coming down with the fall cold and cough.
Monday, September 15, 2003
We went to the Delta Cafe last night for Mike's 50th birthday. I know for sure now that I dislike catfish. Not my cup of tea. I think we were all disappointed in the food and service. What we don't understand is why people were flocking to this place by the dozens. Some things I'll never understand, I suppose.

Today has been productful. I called Qwest regarding my voicemail, which has not been taking messages. They told me that "just because someone calls you, doesn't mean they leave you a message." I felt like getting angry and saying, "How stupid do you think I am?" but, I just dropped it. Supposedly, our voice mail has been fixed. All they did was move the v/m box to a new server.

After this, I called Oregon Telco regarding our mortgage loan application. Based on what we might be getting approved for, one house comes up in the SW Portland reality data base-a shack. Lucky us.

I just got back from Trader Jo's. We are now stocked up on food for a week or so.

My sister Kristi is due September 23rd or 24th. (I can't remember exactly). Anyway, I'm hoping she has the baby before school starts on the 29th, because I will be insanely busy at that time. I haven't decided if I'm going to drive to McMinnville and sit in the waiting room for 14 (or more) hours while she's in labor. I'm sure I will end up going down there for some or part of the labor and delivery. It kind of depends on what day of the week, and what hour of the day it is. I can't picture myself driving down there at 3am, for example, on a Monday night. No thank you!

I am working tonight, so the rest of my day will most likely be uneventful.

Congratulations to Landon and I for getting approved for a shack in the Portland area! Now, if we were willing to live in the suburbs, we might be able to upgrade from shack to small house. Oh, the temptation!


P.S. Felix didn't wake me up last night! In fact, I slept very well!
Sunday, September 14, 2003
Well, yesterday, which was Saturday, September 13th, we woke up and cleaned the apartment, before I headed down to McMinnville for my sister's baby shower. There were several women who attended, and my sister got a lot of nice things. She has also been given all of the clothes that my Mom bought for Kaenan when he was first born. She has over 100 outfits, at least, for the baby, so she's been given a lot.

The diaper cake was a big hit. Everyone loved it, and went on and on about it. At least all my hard work paid off! I took some pictures of it.

From McMinnville, I went to Mike & Susan's house, where Gay, Kathy, Landon, and Mike & Susan were playing music. I drank 3 glasses of wine, and Landon drove me home.

Felix woke me up again last night, but before that, I was up drinking water. I don't know why, but I was very thirsty all night last night, and continually drank water while I was sleeping. I was even dreaming about drinking water. I felt very dehydrated. Anyway, I'm kind of tired today, because I didn't sleep very well last night.

Today, we are headed back to Mike & Susan's so I can work on stained glass. This evening, we are going out to dinner for Mike's 50th birthday. When I turn 50, I'm throwing a big party, and everyone is invited.

Saturday, September 13, 2003
Yesterday, I spent almost all day making a diaper cake for my sister's baby shower. It is very complicated. It's made of diapers, not eggs and flower, and decorated with misc. baby items. Mine is a little over the top. Here is a link to a website that gives you an idea of what these things look like.

http://www.babysfirstcake.com/ The diaper cake I made is not wrapped in celophane.

I'm a little tired right now. We were at Tim's house last night for his graduation party, and did not get home until almost 1am. His mom went all out with the food and beverages.

Well, I am off now to McMinnville. That's all for now.
Thursday, September 11, 2003
Well, I went to Providence Montessorri School, and it wasn't easy to get to Susan. Then, I was told by Amy that she can't drink hot coffee around the kids. Uggghhh~!!!

I'm at Mike & Susan's right now, because it was too late for me to go home and come back, but too early for me to go to work. I'm killing time until I have to go to work at 4:30pm.

Tomorrow, I have to put together Kristi's baby shower gift, and I might meet someone for coffee, but I'm not sure who yet. I also have to go grocery shopping. I'm making my sister a cake out of diapers for her baby shower gift. Should prove to be interesting.

I'm annoyed about some stuff today. I hate it when I feel angry, but can't let it go. It's hard to know when what motivates you into anger should move you to do something, or if what motivates you to anger should be something that you let go. Let it go! How do you know when to let something go, and when to act on your feelings of anger. I guess you have to get to the bottom of what is making you angry, and then figure it out from there. Basically, I don't think you should act in anger, but once you have simmered down, try to see at that time if you should say or do something about what made you angry in the first place. Anyway, I'm angry right now about something, and even Starbucks isn't making me cool down.
I've been busy today working with Adobe Photoshop again, trying to get the picture project somewhere close to being finished. I've sent a lot of e-mails out today. I'm trying to arrange a get together with Susan Ratcliff and some people from work. It sounds as though next Friday will be the evening we'll arrange to hang out.

Cindy is going to take her PRAXIS on Saturday. She's studying hard, and I know she'll do great.

I talked to Colleen this morning for about 45 minutes. She loves her job down there, and is working as a social worker with the homeless. Her favorite thing is working with the kids. She's learning a lot about herself, and is growing a lot as a person.

I am still trying to figure out what I want to do. The coffee shop project seems like such a big one, that I'm having a hard time motivating myself to get started on the preliminary research. I have two more weeks before fall term begins, and I'd like to come up with some ideas about what direction my life is headed at this point. I just may very well never decide.

One thing I'm learning over my break is how to do stained glass. Susan is teaching me, and I've already made a dragonfly and a butterfly, tied them to bamboo, and stuck them in two of the over 20 different houseplants that I have.

I'm going to head over to the Montessorri School to bring Susan a coffee before I head to work.

Felix slept through the night last night, so I slept soundly.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003
Today has been a good day. I am relaxed and happy. Coming back from vacation has been a smooth transition. I'm listening to music, and working on pictures in photoshop. The cats are sleeping. It feels like everything is good in my world.

After I get off of work tonight, I am thinking about going to the session at Grandma's Place on Holgate. Landon and Danny play there on Wednesday nights after 9pm. If I do not do that, I am going to continue reading The Bell Jar by Syliva Plath, one of my favorite American female authors.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003
We're home! Posted here in Canada this morning, and now I'll post in Portland this evening, from the comfort of my living room. There are a few things about the trip I have left out, so I'll add those here:

This might seem silly, but I really liked the first night I swam in the swimming pool. I was super relaxed in the water, and must have swam back and forth about six to eight times. The water felt warm, and the night air was still. I liked swimming in the pool at the Red Lion that one evening. The second night we tried swimming in the pool was a mad dash on a commercial break from "Dude, Where's my Car" which included a quick dip, a couple splashes and doggy paddles, and I was back in the hotel room before the end of the commercial break.

Another thing I failed to mention earlier was that the woman at Mocambo Coffee (voted the best coffee house on Vancouver Island) remembered Landon and I this morning. It felt really special as a customer to hear her say, "You're back!" She seemed genuinely happy to see us, and I heard her greet other customers in the same manner, even using first names with her regulars. Very smart business move. This would explain why she gets a ton of customers, and Starbucks across the street gets some, but not all.

After I posted earlier today, we went down to the ferry. We were an hour and a half early, but were in the overflow section. I was scared we weren't going to be able to get on, and would have to wait until the 3pm ferry, which would have eliminated the chance of stopping in Port Townsend. When we had crossed four days earlier, we had arrived at the COHO ferry in Port Angeles about 40 minutes before boarding time, and were one of the first ones in line. I have no idea why it was different today, but it was. All I can say is that there were about 100 vehicles ahead of us, including a semi truck and about 10 campers. I did not think we'd get on. However, the guys that direct the traffic in there are amazing. They are so amazing with the way they puzzle piece every car in that ferry that about 40 of us stood watching with our jaws open. Well, not quite, but you get the picture. We drew a sigh of relief that we were able to get on the 10:30am ferry-and so we enjoyed a beautiful day in Port Townsend. The weather was gorgeous, and the water was very blue. We ate lunch at a terrific restaurant/pub on the waterfront. It was delicious. We were about the only ones in the place, and the waitress, who was also from Portland, but fills in as waitress at this place when she's in town visiting her daughter, was very nice. One question-why would you come to Port Townsend to visit your daughter and grandkids, but then work? She says she used to manage the place, but I think it gives her a sense of being needed. But, who knows-maybe she needs a break from the grandkids, and needs a little extra spending money-either way, it's none of my nevermind! I will say, however, that she was exceptionally nice to us, and so we gave her a 20% something tip.

One night when we were in BC, we decided to get a bottle of cheap wine, but there was hardly a cheap bottle of beer or wine to be found! Alcohol seems to be much more expensive in Canada. Anyway, the cheapest bottle was like 8.99 or something, and the guy at the liquor store assured us that although they were out of corkscrews, almost all hotels will have a corkscrew behind the counter. Of course. that was not true for OUR hotel! We had to walk into the adjoining restaurant and ask the bartender to uncork our cork for us. It kind of made me have to work too hard for a glass of wine, so I didn't enjoy my glass that much. However, obtaining the bottle of wine is a good memory for me.

The most repeated sound I heard on this trip was the bird chirping sound when pedestrians are supposed to cross the street. Now, don't ask me why only about 5% of the crosswalks in Portland have this sound, but in Canada EVERY CROSSWALK has this sound. There are no exceptions! Landon liked to imitate this sound, which I almost always swatted him on the butt for. It put the bird chirping sound off of its rhythm, not to mention a blind person might start crossing when he heard Landon's imitation, only to be struck down by a MACK truck. Landon thought it very funny, however.

Landon and I had a very good time, and we walked every day for about eight hours. We barely scratched the surface of the city, and when we go back, there will still be another four days worth of stuff to do. Next time, we're staying closer to the water. We walked into a hostel to ask "how it works" and get an idea of what it would be like, and the guy wasn't very nice to us. He made us feel like it was an exclusive club, and we were on the outside looking in. I said, "How do hostels work?" He said, "It's pretty straightforward." This left me wanting to reply: "Buddy, I wouldn't be askin' if it was straightforward..." But, instead, I just said, "Are the bathrooms and kitchenette communal?" In which I got the standard "yep" reply. I think I'll check the hostel section of http://www.howstuffworks.com/

Anyways, there is a special pink house on the waterfront that I really like. One of the days we were there, I said to Landon, "We need to remember that this place is right up from the pink house!" The next day, neither of us could figure out what that place was. We walked up and down the street from the pink house, and found nothing special. C'est la vie. It's kind of creepy, though.

It is so fun travelling, but there is a distinct feeling that comes over me whenever I return home. I like sorting through the mail, getting the house ready for the next day, seeing the cats, unpacking the bags, and restoring order once again. There is something about falling back into the habit of life here at our apartment that makes me feel something that I can't explain. I guess it is best summed up by saying "It's good to be home or there's no place like home." Whatever you wanna call it-I'm glad to be home!

Next trip will be Crater Lake Sept. 26-28th!

That's all for now folks.
Well, we have checked out of our hotel, and are getting coffee here at Mocambo's Coffee again before the ferry departs at 10:30am. We have had a great time here over the past three days.

One thing that I have especially enjoyed about being up here in Canada is listening to French radio. It really helps me with my comprehension skills in French, as well as learning how words that I already know go together in different ways. Last night, there was a talk show on in which the host was interviewing children. I understood a lot of this, as the children's vocabulary was close to my own level in my knowledge of French. Anyway, I liked that show a lot-mostly, because I could understand quite a bit of it.

Landon and I are a little concerned about Janssen! We wish he would update his blog, or at least send an e-mail out letting everyone know he's okay, or what he's up to.

Well, our parking meter will expire in a few minutes, so this is it from Victoria, BC. When I post again, we'll be home in Portland, OR.

We're off now to the ferry, then to Port Townsend! We have 23 pictures left on our camera, which we're saving for this place.

Monday, September 08, 2003
Hello! We've been walking since 9:30am, and since it is now past 6:30pm, that's about 9 hours of walking. Our feet are sore, but we feel like we've barely scratched the surface of this city, not to mention the island. Today, we started off at Royal BC Museum, where we toured one of the best dinosaur exhibits in the world. We had heard that this museum was one of the best, and we agree! The displays were very interesting, aside from the 30 minute underwater exhibit, which was more for kids, but somehow we didn't realize it before dedicating ourselves to the 30 minute ride. We were in the museum for over three hours total.

Afterwards, we ate our sack lunch of grapes, trail mix, carrots, and chocolate covered raisons at a park next to the museum which had totem poles. I can't remember the name of the park right now. Then, we walked through Beacon Hill Park for awhile, before returning to our room to regroup before heading out to Hatley Castle. The castle is used by Royal Road University, so we were unable to tour the castle, but the grounds were phenomenal. We browsed through the Italian Garden, Japanese Garden, and the Rose Garden. We were able to see baby peacocks, which I, for one, had never seen. We liked the peacocks.

From there, we went and explored Chinatown about six blocks west of the downtown Wharf. It was cool. Lots of outdoor produce stands, and it appeared that there were many good Chinese restaurants in this area.

We just returned from dining at the Mediterranean Cuisine, which we ate at the first day, and liked it so much that we wanted to eat there again. We ordered 15.00 Canadian dollars worth of food, then walked around some more-browsed through an art gallery, and now are here at the internet cafe. We plan to go find a cheap bottle of wine or liquor (we have yet to have any alcohol on this trip, and we are in dire need of a buz!), then we plan to go for a swim - THEN DRINK - then, hit the hay.

This has been a good trip. We plan to visit Port Townsend tomorrow. For now, goodbye....Karli & Landon
Hello Again! It's Monday morning, and instead of being at work, we're here in downtown Victoria, BC. We're at Mocambo's (voted the best coffee shop on Vancouver Island!), and updating our blog. Last night, we went on a long walk along Fisherman's Wharf, and also checked out Beacon Hill Park. The Children's Petting Zoo was closed, and it had started to rain, so we just drove through, but plan on walking through it today. The sun is shining and it is beautiful out right now. It's kind of weird, because for the past two days, the weather has been gorgeous during the day, then at exactly 4-4:30 it starts to rain, and becomes overcast. When we awake the next morning, it is beautiful out again. C'est la vie.

Today, we are going to start off at the Royal Museum of BC. We've heard great things about this museum, and right now they are featuring dinosaur bones from China. Afterwards, we are going to walk through China town, Beacon Hill Park, and drive outside of town to check out a castle and gardens surrounding it. We'll update how it goes when we return!

For now-au revoir!
Karli (Landon, too!)
Sunday, September 07, 2003
Well, last night was not a peaceful sleep. Landon woke up at 3am with a serious migrane. I drove down to get him some medication, as the hotel could not dispense medication. After I returned, Landon took the maximum amount of medication, and soon he was back to sleep. Next time, we will remember to pack the migrane kit.

After we woke up, we drove downtown and parked. Then, we walked to the grocery store and bought 2 bananas, grapes, trail mix, and carrots. This was to be our breakfast and snack food during the day. We're trying to spend wisely! After drinking our coffee and eating our breakfast, we went through the BUG Zoo, where we saw various kinds of insects. Very interesting. Then, we proceded to walk to Crystal Garden, where we toured the butterfly exhibit, various types of tropical plants, and many exhibits of endangered tropical species.

It is only mid-day, so we will be back to post here later this evening. Don't forget to check Landon's blog @

Landon's Blog

Bye for now! Karli
Saturday, September 06, 2003
Hello Journal! Well, Landon and I have safely arrived in Victoria, British Columbia. We are having a fabulous time.

After leaving our apartment at around 4:30pm yesterday, Friday, Sept. 5th, we drove up to OHSU where my sister Tracy had a gift waiting for Landon's 24th birthday. She bought him a book entitled 100 Hikes in Oregon. Very nice gift indeed. From there, we went to Oil Can Henry's, where I had an oil change before leaving for our journey. We left Portland at 5:09pm. By 7:30, we realized that we would be going by Port Townsend! We decided to wait until Tuesday when we're on our way home to visit the town which holds many happy memories from Landon's days at Fiddle Tunes. By 8:30pm, 3 1/2 hours after leaving Portland, we found ourselves in Port Angeles. The drive was very beautiful, and we were listening to jazz on the radio. The sun was setting on the bay, and it was a very serene and peaceful drive.

When we arrived in Port Angeles, our bargaining for a cheap motel began. We visited about four motels, and it was the second to last one we visited that really made us realize that these motel owners were banking on the fact that we were tired and would take anything at any price. Not us! We're traveling on a budget this time! No money squandering for us! The second to last lady said- "69.00!" I said, "The Portside Motel down the road sent us to you and told us you would be the cheapest in town, and you're telling me 10.00 more than they quoted me! I'd like the cheapest room that you have." She said, "Our queen rooms are the same as our king rooms-and, it's 69.00." She stuttered around, and you could tell this was a made up price. We left that place in a hurry. We ended up staying at Traveller's Motel, where a very nice woman gave us a suite, but closed the doors to the other rooms in the suite so housecleaning didn't have to clean them, and gave it to us at a fair price. There were many nice plants from the old grandma that lived there sitting outside. We liked it a lot, mainly because they were nice to us, but also because of the plants.

We set the alarm for 6am to catch the 8:20am ferry, and have time for coffee and bagels beforehand. Everything went very smoothly, including the ferry ride, and the entrance into Victoria through customs. They didn't even ask to see our birth certificates-but, had we not had them, murphy's law would have required that they would have asked for them, right?

We've had a very exciting day. We have spent all day exploring the downtown city of Victoria. We've probably walked several miles total today. We're having a great time. We even found a Pita Pit, which was our favorite place to eat on our honeymoon in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The guys at Pita Pit have assured us that a store is coming to Portland soon! We can't wait! The most exciting and interesting thing we did today was tour the Royal London Wax Museum. Neither of us really knew how great it would be to tour the Royal LondonWax Museum. We saw the royal family, Donald Rumsfield, President Bush, Marilyn Monroe, Dan Block, Jane Seymour, King Henry VIII and all six of his wives (I can't remember all their names-I'm no history major!), the various forms of torture from several periods of time in history, the forms of capital punishment-Did you know that France, Britain, and Canada do not practice capital punishment? There was a sign that noted how the US continues to practice capital punishment, despite the major contraversy over it. Anyway, we loved the Wax Museum. It was very exciting. It was hard to believe how real they looked, and we felt like we were "staring." It was weird, because everything in you told you not to stare, but then you had to remind yourself that they weren't real. The molds are exact, and each of their hairs are put in one at a time with a needle. The molds are taken of them either right after they died, or while they were or are still living. Everything is exact, down to the height and weight of the individual. It is very intriguing, and a wonderful skill. Few can master it.

Well, we are off to enjoy the pool at the Red Lion, where we are staying on Douglas Street. Next time, we are thinking of staying at a cool hostel we found right by the water, for only $15.00 US. We want to leave our car next time in Port Angeles, and take our bikes on the ferry, because, although you may not know this, Victoria, BC is the cycling capital of Canada.

Au revoir ma famille et mes amis!
Bien amicalement,
P.S. Landon says hi to one and all. He is sitting here as I type this, and everything I have said comes from him, also.
Friday, September 05, 2003
Last night was really weird! At Cha Cha Cha, we almost didn't get a good table (which is everything), and within 30 minutes, the birthday dinner was over. We walked down two streets after dinner, and I found out that if I learn how to do really nice mosaics, I'll be rich, as circular tabletop mosaics are sold downtown for 4500.00! After we met Mike & Susan at Cha Cha Cha, we headed home, only to find out that our secondary plan had fallen through the cracks. Jen & Sharla were no longer going to Portland City Grill. So, we invited our very good friend Cindy Mahoney over, and had wine slushies (Charles Shaw white wine DOES FREEZE if you leave it in the freezer!) and we watched Sex & the City. Cindy is going to take care of our apartment while we are in Victoria the next five days, so last night I showed her what to do to keep our two cats, two betas, countless tropical fish, and over 20 plants alive. Our apartment is full of foliage. AT least the air is clean!

Yesterday, I had to have a very painful procedure done, which I had already undergone in May, 2001. I was very upset that I had to have this procedure done once again, but since it was Landon's birthday, I was determined not to let it ruin the day! Having said that, I may have to look into having outpatient surgery if this cyst returns a third time. Basically, they take a knife and scissors and cut and drain the cyst. Yes, they can numb the area to a degree, but it is still painful. That would be why I'm on darvocet. I'm also on two antiobiotics, and after I drank wine last night, I basically fell into a deep sleep. Nothing could wake me-not even Felix's attempts last night with the scratching and meowing. I still can't figure out why he isn't sleeping through the night anymore. For goodness sakes, it's like having a newborn! Anyway, I have to go see another physician next week to follow up on this procedure and discuss my options regarding it (surgically removing the glands that cause the cysts).

Landon's brother, Janssen, is in Japan now. Hope he makes wise choices and stays safe!

Landon and I are very excited about our trip this week. We hope to bicycle around part of the island, and do lots and lots of walking. I heard from my friends, Jen & Matt Williams, about the great pubs in Victoria, and excellent beer. Mike & Susan recommended having a look at the Buchart Gardens. Lots to see and do-I know we'll have a great time. The best part is getting out of town.

Landon made three martinis last night with his martini kit. It's very nice!

Here's a little poem to brighten your day.

Paula Watson

Little Polly Watson cried and she cried
All because her goldfish died
The goldfish used to eat and swim
Now it floats at the top near the rim.
Little Timmy Peterson saw the dead fish first
And when he told little Polly she cursed and she cursed.
At 6 years old, the only bad words that she knew
She had learned from her friend Timmy-he cussed too.
Little Tommy Peterson not only cussed but he lied
So he told Polly it was her fault that her goldfish died
Polly never did find out what really happened that June night
Which was Tommy found the strychnine-the lid wasn’t on tight
He proceeded to pour the poison into little Polly’s goldfish bowl
And the fish died thereafter, god rest his poor poisoned soul.

By: Karli
Thursday, September 04, 2003
Today is my dear husband's birthday! I bought him a martini kit, which he has long since desired to meet his alcoholic needs. Just kidding. I also made him a big feast of a breakfast including hash browns, eggs with onions, tomatoes, and cheese, cantelope, toast and blueberry jam from Trader Jo's, and fresh hot coffee with creamer. Landon also gets Krispy Kream doughnuts for his meeting today, thanks to Tien. Later, Landon doesn't know this, but I'm going to bring him Starbucks at work (around 2 or 2:30pm).

Felix was up again crying in the middle of the dining room and scratching his litter box. Why is it always at 5am? It is hard to get back into a sound sleep after he wakes me up at this hour!

Tonight, we are going out to dinner at Cha! Cha! Cha! in the Pearl District with Mike & Susan, and afterwards may meet Sharla & Jen at Portland City Grill for drinks and appetizers during Happy Hour.

It is Landon's 24th birthday! It is a good day to be alive!

Happy Thursday, September 4, 2003!

Wednesday, September 03, 2003
Meet the Barnwells (1993)
*a poem by Karli Ann Kuhn*

First in the family comes Sam George Barnwell,
His body is always giving off smells-
He talks in his sleep about whippings and coons,
and about how much he wants to be like Daniel Boone.
Next comes Alma, Sam's wife, the poor thing,
The day they got hitched, he forgot to buy the ring.
Alma's always eating food, so her body is real fat,
The bed would break, so she sleeps on a mat.
Their first child was named Alexander Shawnee,
He's either being whipped or hiding in some tree.
His middle name, Shawnee, comes from Sam's Uncle Tom
Whose wife was killed by playing with bombs.
The rest of the kids were all born girls,
First comes the freckled, red-head named Pearl.
Pearl walks in a daze, or a trance you might say,
She hasn't talked yet, that will be the day!
The next is Laurie Jane, she can't even walk,
Alma stuck her in a highchair since the day she could talk.
Poor Laurie Jane, it's sad, but it's true,
and all because her body grew.
The highchair fits so tight around her body
She can't even get up to go to the poddy.
The last in the family is little Maybelle,
The Barnwells can tell you how she jumps in the well
She stays there from morning, till evening's sunset,
She likes to be always constantly wet.
Most folks stay clear of the Barnwell homestead
Little Tommie Harris saw Alexander's butt fire red.
The family is weird, I'm sorry it's true
I just thought it'd be nice to warn you.

I slept terribly last night. Felix was up crying and crying, and scratching the walls and litter box again. I don't know what to do. Spraying him with water when he does this during the night doesn't seem to affect him at all, and only breaks up my sleep patterns every time I have to get up to spray him. It is so frustrating. I am not in a good mood right now, because I didn't sleep well at all. Landon didn't sleep well, either. We leave for Victoria, BC Friday night, and will return Tuesday evening. We're excited. At least I'll have some nights away from Felix. I am very mad at him right now. If you look back in this journal, you'll see that this has not been a one time thing.

Mike & Susan are going to take care of the apartment while we are away. Tomorrow, Thursday night, is Landon's birthday. We're going to go to Cha Cha Cha for dinner with his parents, then possibly meet Jen and Sharla on top of Portland City Grill for happy hour and drinks. Should be a lot of fun. The following day, we get to leave for Victoria. We're only taking about 200.00 with us, and do not plan on spending very much money at all.

Monday, September 01, 2003
Last night, Felix was at it again. He cried, and couldn't sleep. He scratched his litter box and the cupboard for a long time. I think he's traumatized during the day with the guys who are working on the house, and it carries over into the evening. He spends all day curled tightly up on a closet shelf, or hiding behind my dresses in the closet, and when they leave later, he comes out. He doesn't eat or anything during the day, because he is too scared of the sounds the guys are making while working on the house. I hope this stops soon, so I can get a good night of sleep!

Landon and I looked at two houses yesterday, both are 230,000.00. It is exciting to begin the search for a home. We dropped off our home loan application, so hopefully we will get approved! We have no assets, so I hope we can still get approved! The way I see it, if my sisters can get approved, then I can too.

Au revoir, Journal.

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