Sunday, August 31, 2003
The guys are scraping the paint off of the house today. This will be the 2nd day in a row that Felix has spent hiding and scared under the futon. Nothing can encourage him to come out. I hope this doesn't trigger another case of colitis with Felix. At least I have Vet. Insurance to cover it if he does come down with another bad case of colitis. Frady Cat had to have been coined by someone who owned a cat like Felix. Poor Felix! He's my baby boy....and what a baby he is.

Friday, August 29, 2003
I just found the stalker file from the infamous Peter Wolf...after all these years of thinking it was lost, it has shown its ugly face and haunted me once again.
I didn't get any sleep last night, because Felix accidently got locked out of our apartment. When I realized he was in the foyer, hours had gone by, and it was nearly 1am. He was so upset that he couldn't go to sleep. He cried and scratched and cried and scratched, and then scratched some more. He became confused and thought he was still in the foyer even when I let him into the apartment. This is why he kept scratching the cupboard. He is mentally disabled, so don't fault him, but please do feel sorry for me! After little to no sleep, I went to work today at 8am, and worked until 3:30. The day at work was uneventful, aside from a 30 minute lunch break with Susan, who works at Providence Montessori School on 49th & Couch.
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